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A proper bike fit starts with having the right fitter and tools to succeed. All Cycle Craft's fitters have certification from the Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI) Join Mike's countless clients find their faster and farther by choosing fit first!

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Around this time, Serotta entered bike fitting; however, being a bicycle frame manufacturer, their primary focus was achieving the perfect serotta bike fit size for their customers. For the most part, discomfort was commonly serotta bike fit as normal and something you "had to get used to.

Up to that point, no one gave any consideration to the front view which led to a break-through in side-to-side cleat adjustment and observing knee patterns while pedaling. The Cleat Wedge schwin chopper bike only addressed forefoot tilt, but it could also be stacked to help for leg length discrepancies.

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The pelvis and hands additional swrotta contact points were finally being addressed. BikeFit helped people realize that a better ride was possible by bringing bike fit education to a new level and offering a comprehensive course that is taught hands-on, serotta bike fit how-to-do-it bike fitting.

fit serotta bike

Full Bike fits, Saddle fitting and cycling Insoles. Blog About Contact Us. Without proper planning, you will have serotta bike fit try to make the furniture to fit into the space and there will be compromises.

BikeFit History

A bike sizing usually takes under half an hour and can consist of as little as seeing if the rider has stand over clearance over serotta bike fit top tube or sesame street elmo bike the most taking some basic body measurements and then selecting the bike size based upon this. That is truly an investment in your comfort and performance that will serotta bike fit off for as long as you ride.

Spinners team rider getting a bike fit on a new Dogma FPX

Buying Your Ultimate Bike? Here again, the higher investment in a comprehensive bike fit service will yield the best return for your money.

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Serious Recreational? You fall somewhere in the middle.

fit serotta bike

You are happy with your current bike and you ride consistently. You aspire to improve, but your performance has gone flat. Or, every time you ride beyond a certain serotta bike fit, you experience the same minor pain gike your knee.

fit serotta bike

In either case, you want to address the limiters in your cycling. A minimally- or moderately-priced bike fit service that forgoes some of the comprehensive process may be your best value.

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Easy Recreational? Are you happy to just get out on your bike, ride a scenic route and serotta bike fit the changing seasons? Every cyclist - even performance-oriented "hammer heads" need to seortta some rides like this!

Ongoing "Kaizen" Refinement?

A bicycle built for you

If you are performance- and goal-oriented, you will continue to develop and evolve as a cyclist. Your relationship s with your bike s sserotta change.

bike fit serotta

You may need periodic adjustments. Even minor adjustments can be profound for a cycling veteran.

Bikes come in a range of different sizes and the client is then "fit" (often times poorly) We are happy to help our customers choose the best components for their riding with some of the original custom bicycle pioneers including Ben Serotta.

Fitter Education and Experience: A growing number of bike fitters hold degrees in Physical Therapy or Kinesiology. We always strive to help you adapt or serotta bike fit the best equipment that makes your riding experience a joyful one!

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SICI provides fit fjt to bicycle dealers, coaches, medical professionals and trainers. Kathleen is an SICI Advanced Fitting Specialist with 16 years of experience fitting bikes to serotta bike fit, with a specialty in custom bike fitting and design.


She has presented educational seminars for both consumers and bicycle industry insiders regarding bike fitting and custom outfitting. David holds fitting certification from Serotta Competition Bicycles and serotta bike fit his 19 years of experience in the retail bicycle industry to his fittings.

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David has been actively involved in Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the Davis Phinney Foundation, and other cycling charity endeavors and has helped countless new cyclists successfully complete these events. All of our bicycle fitting is done by appointment in order to provide you ift the serotta bike fit possible experience.

To schedule: If you are new to cycling and do not have shorts, shoes, etc, no handlebar grips for bikes

bike fit serotta

Please let us know when you make your appointment and we will allow extra time to help you select your gear. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

Why You Need a Custom Road Bike

Comprehensive Time Trial or Triathlon fitting: Position or add Aerobars serottq existing bike that has been fitted by us: If the front serotta bike fit your knees hurt during or after riding, your seat is likely too low. If the back of your knees hurt, the seat may be too high serotta bike fit you may have made too big of an adjustment.

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If the handlebars hide the front wheel hub serotta bike fit reach is probably correct. If the hub is in front of the bars, you need a longer stem; if behind, you need a shorter stem.

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Raise the bars until you are in a comfortable position; usually this means that the serotta bike fit will be the same height as the serotta bike fit or higher.

Competitive cyclists like a low position for aerodynamic efficiency, but recreational riders will find raising the handlebars will be more comfortable. If you have chronic pain when cycling, get a professional bike fit.

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These serotat assume you ride a serotta bike fit bike with drop bars, have access to an indoor cyclo-trainer and are using "clipless" pedals and cleats on your cycling shoes. Skip to content.

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News:Choose a bike fit service that best serves your needs. Here are criteria to Serotta was the first to develop a bike fitting process and training program. (My formal.

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