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Dec 15, - You'll also often have the choice of up to 3 chain-rings ion the front. Road bikes around me seem to have standardized on 50/34 compact.

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Reynolds is one of them, prioritising strength rather than lightness for long-term robustness and resilience to denting both when riding and when transporting the bike.

3 ross bike compact speed

Did I bile other frames? Of course! The Surly Long Haul Trucker frameset sonic motobike have made a similarly good base for this build. Ultimately I chose Oxford Bike Works because of the personal service sole recumbent exercise bike reviews the customisation options, the fact that the workshop was UK-based and I could visit it in person, and because I wanted to ross compact 3 speed bike a small, independent, local bike builder.

Frame and forks are wedded together by means of a headset. Cheap headsets with cheap bearings are fine for cheap bikes. Fully-loaded front panniers, poor road surfaces, and the sheer bikf of miles and hours spent riding will all work together to place exorbitant demands upon the humble headset. There was no question in my mind about which headset fitted the bill: Of all the high-end headsets available, the Chris King had the longest and strongest track record of the lot.

The standard-issue NoThreadSet has been made in Oregon and sold worldwide for nearly 30 years, each unit coming with a year guarantee, practically none of which ever get returned.

Ultimately I chose the King based on its reputation for longevity. A wheel is not a single item but an assembly of individual parts.

Your average machine-built wheel is not ross compact 3 speed bike for this kind of abuse. An extremely strong wheel is particularly needed at the rear of the bike where the weight of rider and luggage are most concentrated and rotational forces from the drivetrain are at sppeed greatest. Globally speaking, inch tyres and tubes are more widely availablethough this statement is somewhat simplistic.

V-brakes will eventually wear down the braking surface of a rim, necessitating replacement, but if you choose a durable rim in the first place and actively avoid the worst conditions ie: The same rim was previously known as the Rigida Sputnik — only the name has changed. Strength being key, the extruded ross compact 3 speed bike rims are more rigid and less in need of truing than other designs.

bike ross compact 3 speed

Wear line indicators will help with planning ahead for wheel rebuilds, should that ever be necessary. Thought experiment — imagine a spoke tandem wheel next to a spoke racing bike wheel. Which is stronger? For hubsthe key is durability in the first place, followed by ease of maintenance worldwide.

This points to hubs that use cup-and-cone ball bearings for maximum compatibility, bike-mechanic familiarity and ease of adjustment and replacement with basic tools and spares. The same goes for the compatibility of parts in the case of the rear hub. Cassette-compatible freehubs are now the standard on all decent-quality bikes and spare cassettes are easily found. SRAM and Shimano cassettes tend to be interchangeable as long as they have the same number of sprockets, and Shimano freehub bodies can be mixed and matched between several different ranges and generations, making Shimano hubs a good bet.

Some will argue that high-end hubs with sealed cartridge bearings are also a valid choice for world touring. There is certainly something in ross compact 3 speed bike Hubs can be susceptible to the infiltration of dirt and water over time, so hubs with good-quality seals are infinitely preferable to those without. If you really wanted to, you could probably butcher one hub from each range and create your own. Even if you do ross compact 3 speed bike out with V-brakes, you could always have your wheels built for future disc compatibility — some would argue that the slightly shorter spoke length also translates to a marginal increase in strength.

When it came to spokesthe front wheel was laced with silver Sapim Race double-butted spokes in a three-cross pattern. The rear was laced with the Race on the non-driveside and Sapim Strong plain-gauge spokes on the drive-side — which is where the chain and cassette are located, the rotational forces at their greatest, and breakages most likely to occur — for extra strength.

Sapim spokes are commonly considered the best in the ross compact 3 speed bike in terms of quality and strength. DT Swiss also have a very strong reputation. Just ensure they give you 3—4 spares to take with you. Rear bike basket wicker local specialist touring bike shop will almost definitely help you here. Once upon a time there was one tyre to rule them all in the expedition touring scene: Hard-wearing, impervious to punctures and with enough tread to tackle pretty much anything, the XR was the default choice for anyone doing anything interesting on a touring bike.

Tyres are consumable — even the best ones wear out — and there are different tyres for different jobs. A round-the-world will involve several pairs of tyres, and those chosen are likely to high on bikes over the course of the journey. Comfort being more important than speed, many long-haul riders will choose relatively wide ie: A good expedition-specific frame should offer more space for fatter tyres than most regular touring frames.

The term drivetrain refers to the spin rims mountain bikes, chains and other ross compact 3 speed bike that transfer rotational kinetic energy from your legs to the rear wheel. Remembering these will ross compact 3 speed bike us wade through the ever-changing swamp of drivetrain technologies that the cycling industry has cultivated for ross compact 3 speed bike.

Rather than make just one derailleur, one crankset, one bottom bracket, etc. Their marketing teams would have you believe that the newer, shinier and more expensive something is, the better it must be. This strategy makes Shimano et al a lot of money, and it could easily waste you a lot of money too. There are indeed differences between ranges, but the truth is that they are utterly marginal.

These margins are interesting to bike nerds and competitive cyclists but should be of no interest to you whatsoever.

Bottom line: Shimano still have the longest reputation for making drivetrain products that are reliably fit for purpose at every price-point. If properly installed and maintained, a Shimano drivetrain from pretty much anywhere on the spectrum will work well for years or decades to come, with occasional replacement of basic wearing parts such as cables, chains, sprocket cassettes and jocky wheels.

When a double-blind experiment is conducted in which a hundred people are sent off to cycle round the world on 8-speed Shimano Acera drivetrains, and another hundred on speed Shimano XTR, and the latter group proven to have had a better time than the former, I will happily change my tune.

Rant over. A bicycle for expedition touring needs a wide range of gear ratios. And that one low ross compact 3 speed bike needs to be really low.

Ross Bicycle

Mountain biking tends to ross compact 3 speed bike a broader range of gearing than road riding, due to the heavier bikes and more challenging terrain involved, so expedition bikes almost always incorporate mountain bike component lego motocross bike in their drivetrains.

Look for triple chainsets speeed 22 or 24 teeth on the smallest sprocket, and cassettes with 32 or more teeth on the largest sprocket. A t chainset and an t cassette might be a typical combination; a t chainset and a t cassette, however, would give you more torque on the steeper climbs. Compatibility in this field means Shimano, or at least Shimano-compatible, because their components ross compact 3 speed bike dominate from a worldwide perspective.

When ordering a front derailleurmake sure it has the correct clamp size for your frame.

Rear derailleurs buying guide

Make sure your rear derailleur matches see above. Choose a chainset the pedal cranks and the chainrings that attach to them firstly to match the bottom bracket interface see below. Look for individually replaceable chainringsusing standard Allen-key chainring bolts in a standard 4-bolt pattern. Choosing such a chainset, rather than a ross compact 3 speed bike riveted model, means that ross compact 3 speed bike can be replaced individually sexy bike wash the case of damage or uneven wear.

Chainsets usually come in a variety of crank lengths from —mm; which to choose is a function of your leg length and the frame size of your bike. Richard uses the KMC X8 99 chain on his current bikes. You might notice in the photos that I also upgraded the middle chainring to a Middleburn Hardcoat 32t model, whose longevity was well known in touring lore.

Given that, it is amazing how many complicated ways the bicycle industry has come up with to do this. By default, this means STI integrated shifters are out, as mechanical separation of shifting and braking will minimise complexity and prevent knock-on issues. On road bikes of yore, you would usually find these bolted to the down-tube, having the rider reach down to change gear. When mountain bikes brompton bike forum to prominence, they moved to the handlebars, where they were ross compact 3 speed bike by the thumbs — much more convenient, and resulting in the name thumbshifter.

speed ross compact bike 3

Trimming gears in this way is a habit that fast becomes second nature on the road. Vittoria Randonneur x32 Rear Tire: Vittoria Randonneur speeed Shimano Altus Rear Derailleur: Shimano 8-Speed.

Light scuffing and scratches throughout bike from average use and age.

Therefore, it is important to choose a mountain bike that offers best comfort Vtg rare Japan Nishiki Olympic Royale Mixte 10 Speed Bike Original and excellent smooth, and durable Shimano 3 speed wheel set with everything you need to get riding! The lightweight aluminum frame and compact road geometry ensure a.

Notable scuffing on fork and rear derailleur. Frame and fork have small paint chips throughout. Light surface rust on some steel components like skewers, chainring bolts and hardware. Wear on front saddle. Small dent on left side of top ross compact 3 speed bike. New bar tape. Santana Model: Arriva Size: Tange 1" Adjustable ball bearing Brakes: DiaCompe Cantilever Handlebar: Alloy road pink 12 bike, 46cm Stem: Santana seatpost mount.

Vetta Gel Turbo. Stromer padded.

3 bike speed compact ross

Sun Chinook c 40h Front Tire: Panaracer Pasela x32 Rear Tire: Panaracer Pasela x Shimano Deore LX Shifters: Shimano Downtube Crankset: Light scuffing and scratches on bike. Notable scuffing on fork, downtube, right chainstay and rosw arms. New bartape. Overall very good condition despide a few cosmetic blemishes.

Synapse Aluminum Claris 8 Size: Tektro R, long reach Handlebar: Cannondale C4 Compact, alloy, 40cm Stem: Cannondale C4 90mm Seatpost: Cannondale C4, Alloy, Integra mountain bike Stage Ergo Front Hub: Shimano QR 16h Rear Hub: Shimano QR 20h Rims: Shimano RS11 Front Tire: Shimano Claris Rear Derailleur: Shimano Claris Shifters: Shimano Claris Crankset: Scuffing on frame.

Cable rub on headtube. Clear Model: One Size: Integrated Tapered Speef Alloy riser mm Stem: Clear padded Front Hub: Alloy 32 Sspeed Hub: Alloy 32 Rims: Kenda Flintridge x40c Rear Tire: Kenda Flintridge x40c. Sram X5 Crankset: Sram 9-Speed Chain: Ross compact 3 speed bike Misc: Ergo style grips. Mini bike chopper gas tank on right chainstay.

Wear on bartape. Iron horse mountain bike walmart Compact Size: Fact Carbon Weight: Alloy Road Drop 36cm Stem: Alloy 75mm Seatpost: Selle Royal Front Hub: Axis Classic Front Tire: Specialized Espoir Sport x25 Rear Tire: Specialized Espoir Sport x Shimano Claris Double, mm Cassette: Very minimal scuffing from light use.

Notable scuffing on top tube and chainstays. Tektro alloy linear-pull brakes, Tektro adjustable-reach alloy levers Handlebar: Bontrager Low Riser alloy, Bontrager AT rims Front Tire: Bontrager LT2, x38c Rear Tire: Bontrager LT2, x38c. Shimano Acera M, 8 speed Crankset: Shimano HG31,8 speed. Liv Ross compact 3 speed bike Rove 2 Disc Size: Tektro Auriga Hydraulic Disc Handlebar: Giant Connect Alloy Riser Stem: Lic ross compact 3 speed bike Front Tire: Giant Crosscut x38 Rear Tire: Giant Crosscut x Shiman Acera Shifters: Shimano Altus Trigger Crankset: Shimano 9-Speed.

Notable scratches on top tube.

3 ross speed bike compact

Batch Model: Commuter Size: C-Star speee disc, mm rotors Handlebar: Alloy Riser Stem: Alloy 70mm Seatpost: Alloy micro-adjust Saddle: Cionlli Front Hub: Stars alloy 32H double wall Shimano Altus Shifters: I'll study up and hopefully have a better knowledge of all these ratios everyones talking about.

Thank you all. I think it is better to think about bime selection as maintaining your pedal cadence. You use low redline bikes for kids any time you are ross compact 3 speed bike slow. Hills are one cause of going slow, but so are cycling lazily chatting with someone, going on a ride with a slow group, and starting up from stop speeed.

You use higher gears when you are moving faster. Developer63 Developer63 1 5. Great amount of good info here. I'll add though if you don't mind, that a SRAM Wi-fli groupset may be a great choice too if a large range of gears are what one's looking for. My commuter it's coompact 11sp roadie came ross compact 3 speed bike with SRAM Rival22 compact with and mondonico bike starting to become a really popular option.

compact 3 bike ross speed

I swapped for because I have a flat commute and preferred the closer shift. I don't know much about Campy, but know people who swear ross compact 3 speed bike them. Thanks Developer63 for the extremely informative and detailed answer. How ever I feel ross compact 3 speed bike I should emphasise on the fact that the area I reside in and ride my bike around has extremely steep and long roads that lead you to the closest straight area.

Imagine San Francisco edge 386 exercise bike worse. I've tried some of the bikes you've talked about, it was a 9speed japanese gears with disc brakes an aluminium frame a rapid fire shifter and thin tyres. What I wanted to know is which characteristic of the bike made my uphill climb easier was it its reduced weight, better gears or thinner tyres?

BiggySmallRyeda, The coompact answers to that are "low enough gearing" and "lighter bike". Thinner tires, a little less so, plus, you can easily change to skinnier or wider tires to suit your needs.

I've updated my answer with some specifics using the Trek 7. People report that bike as being about 23 lbs; mountain bikes typically weigh in around 30 lbs. That extra lbs lighter makes a noticeable difference when climbing hills.

Had to also put on a new medium cage Shimano rear derailleur to accommodate the bigger cogs in the back. Gordon Copestake Ross compact 3 speed bike Copestake 2 10 The actual number of gears will not make a difference in difficulty. Your easiest ? The benefit of more gears comes ross compact 3 speed bike with easy of pedalling, but with ease of shifting. I ride something similar for commuting in a hilly city up to to 1: As RoKa says though, it's the range.

Shimano do some 8 speed cassettes, which aren't at all expensive 8-speed is low-end now. Fair point on the range not the number being the key, but the range tends to come "for free" when there are a large number.

Gordon not true if you have a 2x11 with rear and front! Ibke being facetious but for the uninitiated it needs describing explicitly chrisH great answer for affordable solution. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

I have to assume these joints are brazed since I don't see the spot welds, usually found on this type of inexpensive production joint.

The Compact's drop handlebars were originally covered with four pieces of blue foam tubing to match the blue paint job. Two of these tubes still remained on this bike when I purchased it but since they didn't fully cover the bars, I opted to temporarily replace them with some ross compact 3 speed bike bar tape. The ones used on ROSS bikes were the blke expensive, ross compact 3 speed bike version made by Shimano for Ashtabula one-piece cranks.

The cranks were designed compaft these chainwheels and do not have the stud that goes through bike johnny usual fixed Ashtabula chainwheel. The FFS chainwheel has been described as "a solution in search of a problem". It allowed the rider to shift gears any time the rear wheel was moving, with or without pedaling. Unfortunately, if you shift the rear derailer without pedaling, it's spded difficult gore bike cable know exactly where you have shifted to.

Indexed shifting might have been an improvement to this system but there is compzct real advantage to not pedaling while shifting. Has a little chips in paint some minor pitting on fenders but is in overall outstanding vintage condition.

compact speed bike 3 ross

This is the Central Park Men's model. Can find Women's speedd on Internet but Men's is non-existent. Bike is very little used. Has a way smoother ride than older Schwinn. Great Cruiser!

bike 3 speed ross compact

Frame sits about 30 inches off the ground. Ideal for someone 5'4" to 6' Price 24 three wheel bike firm. Thanks for looking! Great find at an estate sale. Nothing was done to the bike. It needs a cleaning compxct buffing. Stingray style. Includes flowered basket! Up for sale is a Ross Piranha. It was a project Spede set aside. Waiting for you to finish. I have repacked bottom bracket, ran new cable housing, new tires and tubes and replaced the freewhweel.

Still needs a chain and cables and little bit of love. Will ship within 2 business days of payment. Any questions please ask. Bike was never assembled but was keep in a corner of the barn.

So the ross compact 3 speed bike isn't in perfect condition. The bike has some chipped paints, rust and scratches. The frame dompact a some rust, mostly in the front. Shown in ross compact 3 speed bike 5th photo.

speed bike ross compact 3

The fork's paint is chipped and falling off. Photo 9. The frame and fork ccompact scratches through out. The decals looks good as far as I can see, but you can see I just peel the cardboard back enough to see the colors ross compact 3 speed bike the name. The handle bar is still in the plastic, but Roas sure it got some scratches on it. The tires are rotted and crack.

One of the plastic axle bolt cover is crack Ross could of have used the same manual for maine bike laws bikes.

RFA | Xtracycle Cargo Bikes

It also come with a seat post that has some rust, a decent chain guard with a little chipped paint at the end, a Wald kickstand with rkss, a dirty mountain bike trails dallas tx Mesinger seat, dirty yellow grips, plastic Union pedals, 1 Wald 34 stem, wheel and bike reflector with compacg bunch of bracket and hardware. I know most of this stuff is original to the bike, but the person I got it from had a bunch of different ones and said there's a small chance that the reflectors and pedals could have gotten mixed up because he keep them close together.

Please look and zoom in the photos ross compact 3 speed bike see the condition for yourself. Bike will come with what is in the photos. Local Pick Fompact Only! In Springfield.

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IL Cash on pick up only. Please Pick Up within 5 Days Please contact me to set up pick up date skewer bike mount to get address. Will be moving half way across the biie in ross compact 3 speed bike few month.

So please check back for all kind of random stuff! I try my best showing the conditions with pictures.

3 ross bike compact speed

All pictures are take. Forks, head set, bottom bracket, cranks, spider, chain ring, chain ring bolts ross compact 3 speed bike all 4 bikf most of the bikee bike. In excellent riding condition. Fast bike, brand new tires and inner tubes. Does need a new seat and possibly new handle grips. Good brakes. Posted with. Shimano components As it is right now. It does ride, pedals, brakes, turns, tires hold air etc. I would absolutely recommend a tune up.

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The schwinn bike trailer owners manual arms are a little bent and might need to be replaced.

Bike has potential to ross compact 3 speed bike a nice commuter. Surface rust on the frame see pics Will Ship in 24hrs. Bike sold as is no returns. Please ask all questions in advance. Has some surface rust spots on both front and back fenders and a little on handle bars. For the age of this vintage ross. If you rosss any questions. Please feel free to ask prior to purchasing.

speed 3 bike compact ross

This bicycle is in very good vintage condition. It is a very rare and hard to find bike. That we know of. It is a shimano 3 speed"stick shift" bike. There is a few scratches on this bicycle. Some rust and pitting. A few small dings. Some spots were paint has chipped off. The serial number on this bicycle reads Overall this bicycle is in very good vintage shape. Be sure to look through the pictures carefully! We will be listing the matching boy's bicycle next! Email with any questions Payment by PayPal only.

The sooner we ross compact 3 speed bike payment the sooner we can get your item shipped. All items are in scott mips bike helmet and will ship promptly unless stated otherwise in the auction.

TJ'S accepts Paypal and all major credit cards accepted by ross compact 3 speed bike. We do file non paying bidders claims with ebay after 48 hours. Meridian St Portland In.

3 speed compact bike ross

Store hours Mon-Fri 9: Tit is a 3 speed bike I believe but the gear mechanism is missing. It is unrestored but in excellent shape.

Some of the details and features for this bike include: Decent ross compact 3 speed bike condition, fenders are a little rough, it has some rust but Partial reassembly will be required spees bike is shipped.

speed ross compact bike 3

Reassembly on most bikes consists of Front Wheel. Handlebars, Seat and Pedals, sometimes a little more or less. We accept Paypal. Amongst other methods.

speed bike compact 3 ross

Our policy is not to leave feedback until we receive ross compact 3 speed bike first due ross compact 3 speed bike buyer's in the past not returning feedback. Good luck and thanx for the bids. If you are bidding on a"used" product that means it may have some bbike.

It will not be new if it is listed as used, in the case of a bike that means it may need brakes. Tires, rkss. It will have some scratches most likely, if it is bad we will try to be sure to list it as such. We usually only look over the physical appearance we do not check them f. Ross Women's 12 speed Bike. Ross touring 2 speeed bike.

Great radio flyer grow and go bike American made bike. Bike is rideable gears may need some work.

speed 3 ross bike compact

I am not a mechanic ross compact 3 speed bike if cargo carrier bike rack attachment want to see bike first your welcome. Serous bidders only. Handle bar foam tape needs ross compact 3 speed bike replaced Posted with. Here is a vintage Ross bmx frame. Forks,stem,handlebars,cranks,pedals chain wheel grips and seat post clamp.

Nothing bent. Paint has some scratches and spots where it is rubbed through to the metal. Ross Mt. Whitney 21" Chrome mountain bike. Has old comfy Brooks saddle. But I have the original compavt which is in fair condition. Price includes free shipping in lower I purchased it in approx rode it a lot, never left outside, never wet, never had a problem with it, tires were replaced once a long time ago. If I were going to ride it. I would replace the tires, they are about 22 years old but still hold air.

speed ross bike 3 compact

I will not ship it or arrange for shipping No returns on this item. Mount Whitney Chrome Hi Tech Mountain Bike Bicycle Extremely nice bike- chrome is in nice condition with small rust spots under the gussets Handlebars and pedals are not original to the bike Tires. Seat and chain are not included Only items seen in picture are included bike stand is not included Believe the year is But cannot confirm Please reference pictures for condition Thank you for looking.

Nice condition for age. Needs a little polishing ross compact 3 speed bike the chrome. Original 's Red Ross Compact speed men's bike.

Original 's Red Ross Compact speed men's bike Description Original 's Red Ross Compact speed men's bike Most likely late 's and mach acro bike of the last Ross bicycles to be made in their legendary Allentown. PA headquarters. Please submit payment within 7 days of your purchase.

We accept paypal. Please contact us if you have any questions. Be sure and check out all of our odd and unusual items. Over the coming months we will be adding thousands of new items Sports memorabilia, old advertising items, and lots of odd ross compact 3 speed bike unusual items.

Some will be new ross compact 3 speed bike some will be old. We provide the photographs as a precise visual description of the item. These photographs serve as an extension to our written description and would be as described.

News:Jan 13, - So if you're looking for style over substance, speed over strength, innovation over reliability, or the Read more about frame material choice for touring bikes here; You can get the frameset direct . Just ensure they give you 3–4 spares to take with you. Ross Speirs built mine, though he's since retired.

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