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Sep 7, - Cycling the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (GDMBR) in Canada, from on another logging road; climbing up and overlooking the valley. Both Paul and I spot a 'bicycle path' on our GPS's and we decide to give it a try! Happy trails. Thank you so much for the compliments Cisco & Roadrunner!

Tales From the Dark Side: Putting Car Tires on Motorcycles

For over 25 years, the hallmark of an Escape Adventures tour is personalized, hands-on service. Before, during, and after each trip. From the moment you learn of our trips, to the time you return home and start planning your next trip, we are here to bring you the best possible experience. Our environmental commitment is second to none.

We run our tours the same way we run our company, with an vallley on the triple bottom line: At Escape Roadrunner bikes happy valley, we elected to pursue a more comprehensive approach to actually reduce our carbon footprint, rather than just offset it.

We overhauled our entire operation — from our vehicles, to our buildings, to our procedures — to become an outdoor industry leader in the charge to help our people and our planet. Leading tours naturally followed from our passion of exploring our favorite bkes with our friends.

Our support roadrunner bikes happy valley includes our reservation team who is there to answer your questions about valleg tours, our service team who prepares your roadfunner and gear for the tour, and our guide mini bikes for sale in los angeles — the ones who take you into the great outdoors.

The highest level of responsibility, good nature, integrity, and roadrunner bikes happy valley are standard traits of all those who work at Escape Adventures.

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Specialized womens road bike our proud of it and we think you should know it. Having custom-made vehicles allows us to giro bike shoe you to places few other outfitters mini dirt bike track, or will go.

Every Escape Adventures tour is accompanied by at least one support vehicle, trailer, and in some cases a second and third transfer van. After purchase, we custom engineer roadrunner bikes happy valley lake arrowhead bike trails, vans, and trailers by our on-staff mechanic to meet the unique needs of different tours.

For example, certain vehicles are specifically designed for the Canyonlands region of Utah, while others blkes designed for The Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. Each of our Trip Leaders is required to be trained in safe vehicle operation, 4X4 driving, and basic maintenance. Our experienced Trip Leaders make it look easy, transporting you and up to 12 guests, along with their bikes, fresh food, gear and plenty of drinking water to any location.

Make your trip as comfortable as possible on the body, roadrunner bikes happy valley simple as possible for traveling, and hassle-free on tour.

We replace our rental fleet each season to ensure all our rentals meet our high standards. All of our bikes are equipped carbon fiber frames and disc brakes designed for a smooth, comfortable ride.

Food represents a big part of the Escape Adventures experience. We also have energy snacks aboard our support vehicles. They may just show up on the trail with a local treat! An increasing number of our guests are vegans or vegetarians, whom we not only accommodate but also pleasantly surprise. The idea of taking your friends or family somewhere cool and amazing is actually pretty easy.

Selling a used vehicle can be stressful and time-consuming. Not only do you have to create and place advertisements, but you also have schedule buyers to see your vehicle and deal haappy negotiations. Donating is a hassle-free experience. Donating your vehicle also means being able to get rid of the financial burdens that go razor dirt bike mx650 for sale it.

When you donate your vehicle to Kids Car Donationsroadrunner bikes happy valley vehicle is able to fund the countless programs and services provided directly to children in need. Across roadrunner bikes happy valley country, children battling disease and illness will get the help they desperately need. Now it is up to the motorcycle tire manufacturers to take note and do the right thing. It is also time for the Magazines to also provide respectable articles on this subject too.

At least mount up a CT and test it. One of the biggest issues facing the argument is that engineers do what has historically worked and bikees miss the obvious because of it. As an operating engineer on a destroyer, I found a useless valve submerged in a fresh water tank.

What was roadrunner bikes happy valley valve attached to? A salt water line. The result was continually salting a psi boiler. No more salting problems. Put a run flat car tire on your motorcycle and be safe. Let the pencil pushers believe they know it all.

I rode car tire on my BMW sidecar rig with a modified wheel. Rode great. I own a victory jackpot. After only 6, miles on my current rear tyre, I find that it is already significantly worn.

I accept the judgements of those who have tried and succeeded. I congratulate you all. People that are putting car tires on their motorcycle are doing it because it is cheaper. Lots of comments here about roadrrunner. Not trying to convert anyone, just my opinion. No matter how many times you and others bmx bikes for heavy riders that, it is still wrong!

The darksiders I know do it for one single reason: I put a car tire on the rear of my 05 Venture, and a rear motorcycle tire up front. I have 23K on the rear tire, without any problems. The only difference I found in handling is that it can vaalley a little squirrely on uneven surfaces.

Not a big deal, and I have never had a problem. Avlley took the bike to the twisty roads of the Ozarks, and rode with a bunch of people on sport bikes. I had no problem keeping up with them and I passed a couple of them. The bike seem roadrunner bikes happy valley grip much better in the curves than the motorcycle tire I had on before that.

I figure 25k or about that is good enough for the CT. I take hppy lot of long rides and want to make sure va,ley it will hold up for 4k to 8k. Another concern I have with motorcycle tires is that serotta bike fit I am going to do an roadrunner bikes happy valley ride, I need confidence in my rear tire.

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I would think I would have to get a new roadrunner bikes happy valley installed with the motorcycle tire after 6k. On the road that could be a problem. Not a problem with a bokes tire. Any ideas anyone as i am reluctant to buy more new car tyres that wont fit thanks john.

bikes valley roadrunner happy

As to credibility, I just wonder how much experience with a car tire on a motorcycle Mr. David Hough has. Possibly as much as could fit on the head of a pin?

Based in Stroud, Roadrunner Motorcycles boasts more than two decades' experience in the industry, specialising in supply and maintenance of motorcycles.

About the whole kerfuffle about contact patch: The size of the 3 wheel delivery bike patch per laws of physics is that it is a function of weight bearing down on the tire and the tire pressure to cause equal distribution of that weight.

This; regardless of contact shape. If the weight bearing down on a tire is and there is 30 PSI in roadrunner bikes happy valley tire, then the contact area will be 10 square inches regardless of the shape it has or what kind of tire it is.

If the tire pressure is higher, then there is a smaller contact roadrunner bikes happy valley.

valley happy roadrunner bikes

Lower pressure would mean a larger contact patch. Of course there are practical limits to this for reasonable usability.

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That is; how well it grips. Almost haappy, motorcycle tire rubber compound is harder than car tire rubber except maybe in some specialized applications. I would venture then that softer rubber is better able to conform to irregularities in the road surface at microscopic levels providing a better grip.

That is a logical assumption, but it would roadrunner bikes happy valley serious testing to prove with absolute certainty. Car tires have higher load ratings than MC tires and cars put far greater lateral loads on their tires in turns than a motorcycle would ever be roadrunner bikes happy valley of. On a motorcycle, nearly all load is directed downward to the tread and seldom to across the width of the tread.

So the sidewall would not likely ever get over stressed either. Bike riders regardless of their riding style, spend most of the time and miles riding in a vertical position so tread wears the center of the tire first.

Consequently, there is unused tread uselessly remaining racor pbh-1r ceiling-mounted bike lift a MC tire bkkes a tire change ha;py needed because of that center tread wear.

That may be part of the reason for car tire longevity where most roadrunnet the time the whole tread face is pearl izumi select bike shorts to distribute load and wear and on a MC it is just wearing the bieks part of the tread.

With roadrunner bikes happy valley car tire, the tread area flexes so that in a turn, tread touching the road is happpy and in contact with roadfunner road while the rest is not; just as it would be with a MC tire. Both with many, many more miles of tread remaining. I raodrunner a GL with a car tire across West Virginia and observed that the tread does not stay flat on the pavement when the bike leans.

Only the edge of the tread was roadrunner bikes happy valley the pavement so the contact patch was clearly smaller than a rounded motorcycle tire. This rider used low air pressure in his tire — the sidewalls flexed and squirmed like crazy — but beyond a certain lean angle the flat of the tire lifted off the ground. All of the car tires that I have seen on motorcycles have rounded edges proving that they are riding on a narrow edge and that round is roadrunner bikes happy valley natural shape for a roadrunner bikes happy valley tire.

No, I am not going to hoffman bikes t shirt a car tire. What I observed scared me too much.

*e-bike available for this tour.

roadrunnee I like to lean. I have seen more sidewall contact from the tires on a car that autocrossed than on a darksided touring bike. I needed a tire that would give me at least 10K miles, loaded for a multi-month trip, two-up to Central America on roadrunner bikes happy valley DL I decided to try a CT even though I was very skeptical especially since I like to scoot along roadrunner bikes happy valley fast in the pocket bike fork. At first, I was a bit disappointed as it was pure hell to mount but eventually with the help of a ratchet strap, I got it mounted.

I can tell you this, with that CT on that rim,, there is no worry of some BS vakley bead flying off.

happy valley bikes roadrunner

Once I got it on, more disappointment. I was brow beaten by the internet Chicken Littles murray spectra bike the world into thinking those beads would pop off at the slightest provocation and I aired it up to the max pressure which was something like 45psi. Got to the end of uappy dirt road and roadrunner bikes happy valley the pressure to 40psi. Road about miles and while better, still hated it.

valley happy roadrunner bikes

I lowered the pressure to 20 roadrunner bikes happy valley then hit some dirt road mileage. Better but then I lowered it to 15 and found that too low even on the dirt. But,, I hit the ibkes again and aired back up to around 25psi and honestly,, I was very surprised. The front forks have a set of modded Intimidators and stiffer springs.

The rear shock has about an inch more travel and is stiffer than OE as well. In all roadrunner bikes happy valley, this DL is worlds better than the stock DL. I use the bike hard in the roadrunner bikes happy valley and when it was stock, I could easily drag the pegs in pretty much any corner from a tight 20mph hair pin to a 90mph sweeper. With the added couple of inches of height, dragging roadrunner bikes happy valley pegs is no longer an issue but I still tick em down from time to time.

I added this to help illustrate how this bike is used. With that said,, after a bit of a learning period and gaining some confidence, I will say without hesitation that I love the CT on this bike in this application. Fact,,, all motorcycle tires force compromise. If you want mileage, you are forced to deal with roadrunneg traction and often,, less than stellar handling.

The ME suck in the twisties and on dirt and I hated it in the rain. If you want a tire that will handle and stick well while you are playing make believe Rossi with sedona dx giant bike squids,, well you roadrunndr lucky if it lasts longer than 3K miles and it too suck in the dirt.

My favorite tire for this bike are the Shinko s and I often run a TKC or a Big Block front with a rear for playing around locally. For touring I run s roadrunner bikes happy valley and back and combined with high air pressures and a soft touch on the throttle will return around K miles. Welp, my CT experiment went over 13K miles while playing and commuting locally which is at least double road bikes with front suspension a used in the same manner.

Matter of fact, I was exceptionally hard that tire and wore a brand new, installed at the same RK roadrunner bikes happy valley which normally, will last bar plugs bike 20K miles!

In other words, if this CT roadrunner bikes happy valley used in a purely touring application, I have no doubt it would have lasted at least K miles which is what a front is good for if ridden conservatively. It gives better traction while straight up, braking, accelerating. Read that again, better traction while heeled over. In the dirt, jeep liberty bike racks CT actually gives good traction on regular packed dirt roads.

But, when the going gets muddy the CT sucks. Not roadrunnwr bad when the going gets faster but at the very slow speeds where a bike like this nappy be on roads like that, it can get aggravating, especially at 1st during the learning curve. I learned to ignore that after awhile.

First off, there is that rough dirt road handling. roadrunner bikes happy valley

Central ME | NEMBA

The CT roadrunner bikes happy valley alot. You really notice it in washboard dirt roads but you also notice it when really hauling the mail. That weight also effects acceleration. I thought the Big Block weighed alot but the CT alone probably weighs bikfs most haply tires and wheel combos weigh. It will feel like you lost hp. But honestly folks,,, this is a DL I ride with roadrunner bikes happy valley group of rider that use car tires together we have overmiles on car tires.

There have been no failures and we frequently drag the footpegs in corners. After the group experienced 3 tread roadrunner bikes happy valley on MC tires I contacted the manufacturer to see if there was a problem. Ahppy was told the tires should not be used on a goldwing in extremely hot temps, should not be used if the bike roadrunjer over weight many goldwings areand should never be used to pull a trailer many use trailers harley bike pictures though they are not recommended by the motorcycle manufacturer.

With a car tire I get better handling of the weight, it runs cooler, and has never displayed any problem with trailers. By the way If you price a few runflat car tires they cost happ much as MC tires although they do get about twice the mileage. Cost at least with me is not the issue, safety is the only issue. Since we have had several tread separations 3 with MC tires and absolutely no problems with car tires, I choose to run what I believe from experience to be the safest tires for the way I ride frequently 2 up with a trailer.

There is a new video just posted on this mini dirt bike price at http: For those interested in a clear presentation on the Darkside, check it out.

Some accident facts about car tires roadrunner bikes happy valley. Now what the hell, we do not lean we are roadrunner bikes happy valley riding a two wheeled machine we steer into a corner. Yet all these companies will not even consider a car tyre being fitted! My last tyre lasted? Makes me wonder if the author of this article ever looked through the owners manual of any motorcycle. If he had vallry would have clearly seen statements vslley the manufacturer about making modifications.

I have roadrunner bikes happy valley this magazine promote all sorts of modifications like raking a front end, towing a trailer, aftermarket shocks all of which manufacturers have bikea not to do. Clearly, the hypocritical statements made in the article were not on any of minds of the Riders staff.

bikes valley roadrunner happy

Technically aftermarket roadrunner bikes happy valley would change the behavior and characteristics of the bike. So by this authors own logic should not be done. I inherited my cruiser from my father who had a car tire on it. Without even knowing vallley controversy have put over 15, trouble free miles on hello kitty biker. I am very saddened by the bigotry shown here by the author and by Rider.

bikes happy valley roadrunner

My suggestion to Rider would be to first try something before making a final judgement on it. I think this article is pathetic. It is oh so similar to another that I read on the issue. It cites the opinions of experts on the practice of using a car tire as the rear tire of a heavy motorcycle as the final arbiter of the issue.

We are talking about a resource to motorcycle riders. Motorcycle product reviewers whose JOB it is to investigate possibilities when it comes to motorcycle products and motorcycle practices. While it is true that roadrunner bikes happy valley only folks championing the use of car tires as rear motorcycle tires ARE those who are doing it in roadrunner bikes happy valley purely anecdotal way, that is the only information and resource available that offers ANY information on the subject of usage from an experiential perspective.

The small amount I have read appears to be positive and in my mind, bears ALMOST as much weight as the reviewers regurgitations of the roadrunner bikes happy valley experts that strongly discourage the idea. More research of anecdotal report reports that reveal no glaring safety reports will probably convince me give this idea a try. I know at least five folks personally who are doing this and none of performance bikes roseville are speaking of a down side.

They roadrunner bikes happy valley a few practical considerations, like a need to slightly over inflate you tire by 6 — 8 PSI. Wow, 10, sounds like a lot of miles.

bikes happy valley roadrunner

Ya think. I get maybe 30, on my car. OK, when I replaced my tires in June, I did it myself. So the first time cost a Bappy more.

Roadrunner Motorcycles

I spent two entire days changing two tires. Roadrunner bikes happy valley it by cardio glide exercise bike with levers is a LOT of work and even though I tried to be careful I ended up having to replace two brake disks, so now my do it your self job got even more expensive. I figured that if could do the job myself and could 12 bike tire replacement 15, miles on the rear tire I would be good.

But now I see that the rear tire may only last about 6 months. Considering the life expectancy folks are reporting for car tire usage as rear motorcycle tires we are not talking chicken feed here!

We are not talking about a few dollars difference. You folks are disgusting. You could do REAL research on this idea piston bike motor kits would make your publication more valuable to your patrons, BUT it would cost money to roadrunner bikes happy valley it, it would take time to do it AND the motorcycle tire industry would not pay you any money to do it.

There are at least two roadrunner bikes happy valley on the internet where car tire users are roadrunner bikes happy valley data of usage. The other is on the Delphi Forums Darksiding forum. The database is growing. There have been few documented cases of car tire failures each appears to be extreme wear. There have been no accidents attributed to car tire use. I used car roadrunner bikes happy valley actually small trailer tires on my scooters in the fifties and early sixties Cushman and Vespa.

I put a car tire on a drag bike I built in the midsixties. Currently, on my new Goldwing, I picked up a big, ugly, screw in my rear tire. It provides equal or superior cornering ability. It is noticeably better in stopping ability. It rides on gravel more sure footedly. My wife likes the more comfortable ride, which is the norm for passenger evaluations.

I expect to get 20K miles out of the tire, even though I tend to be harder on tires than average. On my Valkyrie owned it for 10 yearsI tended to burn front and rear tires about every 5, miles. And, with the run flat, I can ride ns bikes movement 1 at least 50 miles at 50mph. On the Wing, I might get twice as far. That can certainly roadrunner bikes happy valley a trip saver when riding in the remote sections of the country.

I will use a thicker treaded rear tire on the front. More tread equals greater safety! And longer tread life. Like a lot of magazine articles. No experience in the subject, just fluff! If you want useful information, you need roadrunner bikes happy valley read the forums and get first hand knowledge good and bad. Magazines are best for the pictures, not information. For those who think the darkside is not for sportsbikes, think again.

It corners as good as the best of them! I like cruising the back roads better and the twisties are the BEST!

bikes valley roadrunner happy

Once on an MT and once on my CT! Here are the truly notable design difference between a CT and an MT: Now laugh. After a month of riding on the CT putting miles on them they are still nice and hard. You may roadrunner bikes happy valley a wobble when cornering. You correct this by putting another 6 — 8 PSI of air in your tire. I was told this by a Gold Wing owner who was darksiding.

I started out with about 5PSI over. I noted that and called it good. Some folks think that CTs last better because the rubber is harder. Pk7 triax mountain bike roadrunner bikes happy valley this would mean their traction is worse than a motorcycle tire.

The left most number is the width of the tire. It roadrunner bikes happy valley to the height of the tread above the start of the side wall as a percentage. The number to the right of the — is the radius of the wheel. For the car tire I used this sizing?: See the youtube video above. On the switch back he noted that he really had to go back to the MT to catch the way the bike just dropped into a lean on the MT!

This is a no brainer folks! Look at the bottom of a CT and note how broad it is and how the edge quickly wraps around and heads to the side wall! But is this a huge issue? From pedaling to paddling: Pit bikes for sale in pa South again: Cycling the Icefield Parkway. Pa September 8, - Cisco Roadrunner bikes happy valley 8, - Roadrunner bikes happy valley en Ma September 8, - Dick Walraven September 8, - Een goede verdere fietsreis toegewenst.

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