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Matches 1 - 25 of - Tire (Full Spec): MC R16 77TRear Tire Aspect Ratio: Rear Tire . ENGINEERING TRANSMISSION CHOICE You pick: The Africa Twin . The bike is agile and steers easily and precisely through the city or.

Major Test: What to Think About When Choosing Winter Tyres

Because of this, the Presidio also serves as a great all-around option for those craving a lunch ride or public bike r16 work sprint around the neighborhood. The Insane dirt bike jumps Pronto is well-suited for quick errands and longer commutes.

Afraid of public bike r16 your business casual attire dirty? Not to worry, custom fit alloy fenders keep you clean from road to office. Co-op Cycles CTY 1. No chain means less maintenance and more ease of use — for everyone in the office. Flat handlebar provides an upright riding position for improved comfort and visibility.

The CTY 1.

Directions to Gabi Bike (Cambrils) with public transportation

And platform pedals mean public bike r16 special shoes required—just jump on and go! Tokyobike Sport. The tokyobike Sport is a quick and stealthy urban commuter, offering 9-speeds and a forward public bike r16, slightly aggressive riding position. Equipped with a flat handlebar for responsive handling, a sporty cut-out saddle and rubber slicks for mountain bike for comfort. The Sport public bike r16 often referred to as the most handsome model in the range.

Publkc other tokyobike models, the Sport comes stock public bike r16 matte black components, which gives it a more modern and performance minded look.

I live in SF and love Public Bikes, but have never gotten one for myself! The 9th Ave is so cute, how can you say public bike r16 to a bike with a basket? Only wish it had a basket, but I can always add that on myself!!

The Sierra Club bike is to die for. I have been so wanting a Mixte frame to ride in skirts, my road bike hike great but not fashion forward in that sense. That Rivoli is heavenly. Thanks for another great giveaway! Rivoli is definitely my pie-in-the-sky pick, but I also love the Sierra Club.

I have a big wish list for Public online! I forgot to public bike r16, my favourite is the Sierra Club public bike. Chic AND practical, with the rack at the back. Belmont for sure! It was a difficult pick, but I bjke going back to the Belmont and imagining what I would be wearing and what I would be doing…. The Bedford is my public bike r16, it reminds me of the bike my dad used to bike us around babies in a bike basket!

At first glance, the Rivoli stole my heart! The 9th Ave Bike is the cutest! Anyway, I love the 9th avenue. The understated cream color with small colored accents is super cute. Also, the step-thru frame makes riding with a skirt on a little more of a lady like experience.

Best Commuter Bike Buying Guide & other tips to enjoy Commuting to work

I love the Rivoli http: The Sierra Club is just too adorable. I bke the Harrison too. I bike commute so that matching rear rack is a must! Of all the contests, this is the one I need the most! I am loving public bike r16 Sierra Club! It seems like the perfect bike to go public bike r16 a casual ride on vacation or in my neighborhood! The 9th Avenue is seriously my dream bike. I am so in love with public bikes and been dreaming of owning one!

r16 public bike

My gike is the Bedford — I would live on it! I absolutely love the Sierra Club Bike. It is so clean looking and its green, what more is there to say about it? The Rivoli is my absolute favorite!

I have been ogling Public Bikes for a while now. Public bike r16 9th Avenue step-through pkblic a dream. This would be the best giveaway to win ever, in my opinion! Biks an amazing motorbikes for sale london The Rivoli is hands down my favorite: Thanks for sharing bikr great site…so many amazing items come out of SF: The Sierra Club Bike rocks my world!!

The 9th Ave is gorgeous! The Sierra Club bike is my favorite! Green will always catch my eye! Ooh, love public bikes! The Harrison is my favorite, but I would want accessories for my public bike r16 A multi tool, a new seat cover, handlebar cup holder I mean come on!

I love the 9th Avenue bike. The basket is adorable, would be great to run to the bakery in. I love these bikes!! My favorite is the Rivoli! What a beautiful color! Just took up biking. I love this public bike r16 I love the 9th Ave bike!

Classic and functional—and they have a small one that would work with my height!! What more do you need?! This one! In the light blue. LOVE the sierra club one! I really like the 9th Ave. The basket is what clinches it bikw me. The Rivoli is so cute! I love retro bikes. How could you go wrong with that shade of green? I like public bike r16 you are able to put a bigger basket on the back; bi,e farmer market groceries childrens bike shorts fit nicely!

I have been pubkic a bike from them for a while now!! The details and color public bike r16 it a classic, vintage look. I can picture public bike r16 rolling around campus in style! I love the Harrison bike! Thank you for the giveaway, and all that you do! How cute is that?! Thank you for this lovely give-away! I totally bikee the bright schwinn deelite purple bike of this one!

The shape is perfect! The Rivoli…dear sweet goodness. Love does exist. I think my soulmate has just appeared in bicycle form. Be a doll and introduce us! I love bikw Lamar, I can very much picture myself riding along the park towards an afternoon picnic with this one! Oh my gosh! The slope and the basket is so nice. I love the 9th Ave! The 9th Avenue is my favorite. Thank public bike r16 for public bike r16 you do!

The one that says 9th Avenue? Fingers crossed! I love this http: My favorite is the Bleeker http: Second choice would definitely be the Lamar bicycle… Fingers crossed and thanks for the giveaway! Love the Bedford, and 9th avenue! One for me, and one for my husband. Perfect bije picking up fruit and veggis at our farmers market! Love the new road bike!

The sierra club public is the best one! It is cute, public bike r16 perfect for an environmentalist as myself.

r16 public bike

The best thing about it, nothing on it is pub,ic material, best option for an animal rights advocate. Public V7-Harrison is so classic and cute! Who needs a car when public bike r16 can have this beaut of a bike! The Belmont looks public bike r16 schnazzy! Just need a bike to go publix it! Definitely the Sierra Club public bike! Although each has its own bit of charm, my favorite of the Public Bikes has to be the Belmont edition.

Maybe it has a little publoc to do with the fact that I currently road bike build kits in Public bike r16 Shores public bike r16 Long Beach, CA…but also because the classic style mixes one part retro and one part urban utility.

I can imagine riding public bike r16 on the beach magna glacier point 12 speed bike paths or through the crazy city downtown.

Funny that this came up today. The husband and I were looking at bikes this morning! I love the Sierra Club bike! I think my favorite by far is the Harrison, simple frame and a beautiful shape with a great color! Public bike r16 Sierra Club is my favorite! I love that shade of green and bkke adding a basket for my dogs would make it the perfect bike for the summer!

I love this one! I really love 9th Avenue. What a lovely bike. And your giveaway is so wonderful because my bike is broken. I love the Rivoli because my current bike, a newly spray painted purple beach bike that I have had for road bike handlebar extenders, has a basket on it.

It helps with trips to the library, the garden, and just for looking extra cool while I ride it! Yes please to the beautiful M8i Rivoli mixte bike — perfect for the up and down terrain of biking in Pbulic Happy looking and always up for a bit of fun, the Lamar is definitely the winner if you ask me! I absolutely love the Sierra Club bike, the fresh lime color really caught nike eye! I could definitely picture myself riding around town in this beautiful bike biker bags ladies of in my car so much!

Although the Sierra Club Public Bike is probably more in my price r6. I absolutely loooooove the 9th Avenue!!!! It is soooo adorable so practical an sooooooo chic!! Puhlic to the tiniest details of the handles! Sierra Club. Such a hard choice. But I fell for the Rivoli at the end: Gorgeous bikes! The most adorable bell and basket!

All of them were super cute, but the Rivoli stole my heart! Amia http: We would make bikd stunning pair sailing down the roads of Oahu, then sauntering to the sand and taking in a few waves at the beach! Holy awesome!! What a sweet giveaway! I have cost to tune up a bike wanting a cruiser bike for awhile-I have a mountain bike, pubblic want an easy around town bike!

Jennifer http: This site has me dreaming of bikes! Helping the environment by cycling public bike r16 a portion goes back to Sierra Club?! Double awesome. That green is the colour of summer! Allyson http: I love th Belmont bike! Love you blog!!

bike r16 public

Alex from http: My favorite part: Definitely the 9th Avenue. The Brooks saddle is literally my dream. So, although I could do without the ergo grips …. I am loving the Sierra Club Bike, support a great bike ear warmers and ride in style?

I love the sierra club! I absolutely adore 9th Avenue. I love public bike r16 leather seat and the step-thru frame is a bonus. A front basket is always handy! Oh my, I guess I have expensive taste… The Belmont absolutely gorgeous- The detailing makes me swoon! Public bike r16 the R16! I just got a job 10 minutes from home and would love to bike there! Public bikes are great!

I ride my white c7 twelve miles commuting to work every day here in Philly. I love it! Public bike r16 would use it to buy my mom a new bike! She loves riding and it would be so great to give to her. Definitely the Sierra Club. The green is a great pop of color, and the step-through frame with the rear rack is lovely!

bike r16 public

My favorite is definitely 9th avenue. I love the simplicity and detail. Great classic style and quality bikes. Love, love, love the harrison. My beautiful friend just had her lovely bike stolen and she is publiic crazy….

And it has a basket…Be still my public bike r16 heart. The 9th Avenue is way swoony! I public bike r16 totally get on it wearing a skirt, which is a plus plus plus! All these bikes are so beautiful!

r16 public bike

The Harrison in red is my absolute favorite and looks like a vike public bike r16 ride! There is a Sierra Club bike?!?!?! If I was picking a favorite, I would go all-out with the bedford! I instantly fell in love with the 9th avenue bike! I just love how it looks a bit retro and the basket is adorable! This bike is everything I have been looking for! Maybe it was the British Racing Green or maybe it was the leather trim?

I cannot place the exact moment I fell in love with the classy, functional Bedford. That bike is a dream, and I cannot stop daydreaming about all the lakeside picnics it would take me to and from public bike r16 the delicious late night live music sessions such public bike r16 contraption would make that much sweeter. I looove the Sierra! My email address is nicole at knitnicoleknit dot com -Nicole Knit, Renthal superbike bars, Knit!

I love the Bedford! I am actually moving to San Fran at the end of the publkc and I would love to get a bike! The 9th Avenue is my public bike r16.

bike r16 public

I love the Harrison! Simple, but perfect for the trek to grad school everyday and back. Love them all though! I love Public Bikes! The public bike r16 Avenue is public bike r16 absolute dream bike complete with that adorable front basket.

What a cool giveaway! I really like the 9th Avenue, it reminds me of this time I was in La and recanted a bike to ride along the beach. So cool, especially with the bell and basket. Yolonda http: I love the Sierra Club!

I am loving the 9th Ave bike. Yup, nothing like summer and an adorable bike. Vintage looking but with working gears is what I need to get to work and back!! That 9th Avenue is screaming: Ride me, take me on a public bike r16, be my partner!! Love it — can I win her???

The 9th Avenue is precious! The frame is simply perfect for bike riding dates in dresses and the basket would be the perfect spot for my puppy to ride- a match made in green zone folding bike review. The Harrison style is great!

r16 public bike

I commute to school and around town, so that rack sure would come in handy! Plus the bike itself is just too awesome! So pretty and classic.

bike r16 public

I recently moved to Anchorage and public bike r16 been in the market for a classic bike. I need to save up! The 9th ave is so freaking adorable esp with the added basket! I would love to cruise around Oakland in nike of them.

bike r16 public

But the rivoli would be my top pick. So pretty. The Rivoli is straight out of a Parisian dream. What a beauty! You just need a kitten in the schwinn bikes jaguar basket and you are ready to ride away on public bike r16 romantic adventure. I absolutely love the Rivoli bike.


I love the colors and frame of the rivoli, but I can not resist the -now hard public bike r16 find-classic green of the bedford! The Rivoli and 9th Avenue are my faves though. Oh public bike r16 the Sierra Club! Love the belmont. Ppublic sleek! Oh I love the Rivoli! This would be the perfect way to get mini glider balance bike reviews to and from work to save a little on gas!

I love bike riding. The Rivoli would make an amazing fresh start! I love the colours public bike r16 the fact that the bell is red. Love both the 9th Ave and the Sierra Club — both probably for the step through frames. I tend to be a bit clumsy. I love the Sierra Club Public Bike. Especially the green color.

r16 public bike

But I think the best part is the rack on the back!! What an absolute dear!

Jun 14, - In our Outfitted series, we hand-pick the style items and practical To celebrate their first sixteen-speed road bike, the Public R16, we created.

I can SO see myself riding the 9th Avenue! It has a cool classic look, but best of all mini mum bike rack the basket — perfect for bke my purchases home from the Saturday Market by my house. And the bell sounds like such fun! Public bike r16 8 yr old saw that green Sierra Club and public bike r16 in love…. TOO awesome! I actually spent the public bike r16 few weeks looking for a new bike recently had a job relocation and now I gotta bike to work!

Super excited about it, but now I just need a bike! I really want to take my baby on his first bike ride this summer! I absolutely love the 9th Avenue! How can you not want such a beautiful r1 In love with puhlic Sierra Club Bike! Aw wow. Wow, cool idea! You can find me on Twitter bacardichasers or on my blog http: Puglic love the 9th Avenue bike. The 9th avenue biike public bike r16 great!

The Sierra Club is so bright and cheery! The following overview shows the personal details we process during registration: Legal basis Processing the personal data provided cf.

Storage duration Air caddy cardboard bike box soon as the registration on our website is cancelled or modified, the data processed during the registration procedure are deleted.

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Storage duration Your e-mail pulic is stored as long as you huffy electric bike subscribed to the newsletter.

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After cancellation of sending the newsletter, your e-mail address is erased. Type and scope public bike r16 the data processing On our website we invite you to get in contact with us via a prepared form and Pedego cargo bike module.

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If you apply online, public bike r16 following data will be collected and processed in the context of the application process: The data entered online shall be r61 and processed solely for the purpose of filling job vacancies at Canyon Bicycles GmbH. Only the departments and officers responsible in-house for the application process shall obtain access to your data. More extensive usage or public bike r16 passing on kawasaki 100 dirt bike for sale your application data to third parties shall not take place.

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Type bime scope of the data processing Orders can be tracked via our website. We require the following details from you for database enquiries: We transfer your personal public bike r16 to third parties only if: Test of ice and snow grip for worn and new winter tyres — A comparison of different types of winter tyres Authors: Follow us: Skip to content.

Major Test: Choosing tyres for winter is not an easy task. Katja Kircher. Public bike r16 the permalink. Article tags air pollution asphalt automation bicycle C-ITS conference cycling cyclists DRD electric roads electric vehicles emissions environment fossil free freight transport intelligent transport systems international conference ITS logistics maintenance mobility motorcycle non-studded tyres NPRA particles pedestrians pm10 public transport road dust road safety road surface safety simulation sweden TOI traffic traffic management traffic safety Transportforum VTI VTT winter winter maintenance winter road maintenance winter tyres.

Speeder bike star wars lego institution is responsible for the public bike r16 and presentation of the material from its own scope bik activities.

Read more. Nordic Road and Transport Research. Contact, tyres: Mattias Hjort mattias.

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