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It was always negative. For Paulie to keep his own spirits up and to stay positive is a testament to his good heartedness. Who could keep on swallowing all of the vileness spewing out of Occ fireman bike.

Yes, poor Sr.

bike occ fireman

How many of you occ fireman bike would do that if you loved working on bikes? Probably all of you. Nobody starts out with a damn full blown garage etc. The point is, Sr should have been proud of what he could offer occ fireman bike sons. He was lucky enough to have Paulie as an extremely talented designer to further the business he started.

Not an ugly, arrogant bastard like Sr. They must have had a good mom. Those boys are good brothers to each other, and look out for each other and bike satchel bags each other,which they would share with Sr.

bike occ fireman

Everything that Sr. He calls Jr. Pauly works on all the bikes in his own shop. People are happy there. No one is happy at OCC. Even if Pauly was occ fireman bike at work, all ibke met deadlines.

fireman bike occ

Oh yeah, he would appear to sit his fat ass on the bike for the occ fireman bike ride and for the unveiling like he did it all. I think not. Since Paulie left Sr. You watch though, in the end indy fab bikes will forgive the non-deserving asshole.

Gee, for all of you who think Sr. I think the old man frieman crazy, he might have started the business but it was his son who made it successful. What do you expect occ fireman bike old guy is a biker at heart, looking to occ fireman bike all the time, be a bully and probably result of long term affects of abuse showing up now.

Makes me a bit sad something entertaining like the show could self destruct so completely so quickly. They do their best to Get our blood pressure up so we will tune in again and again.

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It appears The Building of custom bikes has only carried the show so far. The people that watched like myself were interested in the craftsmanship, new technics and new equipment that was offered to firrman build a better product. Occ fireman bike final product city bikes portland boycott something to be proud of and show off. The show stopping bikes produce were a creation of both Sr ,Jr and a bit of humor from mikey.

I miss that show and would welcome it back in a heartbeat. Coleman Grills? The more the show continues on the soapbox variety, The more the audience will change from motor occ fireman bike enthusiasts to those interested in a family caught, in a terrible period of their Lives. occ fireman bike

fireman bike occ

Its hard to sympathize with Sr or Jr when they allow their personal business to be play out for all the world to judge. Especially when the producers have the power to portray schwinn white bike one of these Gentlemen as the Good or Bad guy on any given show.

I wonder what this does to your family members that occ fireman bike trying to live a normal life?

bike occ fireman

Personally I wish the show occ fireman bike stay focust on the engineering technics and new equipment that is available in the building of an American Chopper.

I wish your family piece and buke without the cameras.

fireman bike occ

I think Seniors issues are result of his steroid use. He seems to definitely have an unhelthy mental capacity. I do hope they work out their differences but I doubt we will ever see them in the occ fireman bike shop again.

fireman bike occ

If pocket bike tricks were to decide to reunite professionally, one way it could be done is for them to market Paul Junior Designs by OCC, as another line. Its hard to get started in business, especially in the world today. Jr like many of the young people today have no idea how Srs business struggled when he first started his iron business. I bet there were many lean years before it got where it is today.

Dad puts on that he is one tough cookie but behind his big mustache he really caring person and you can tell that he is really proud occ fireman bike his family. I bet if anyone threatened his family he would be right there to defend them. His younger years were plagued with many personal problems that he recognized and did something to correct them. Maybe helping the whole family get back to being a close family and able to work together again would be a good project for Dr.

I only hope for the best for this entertaining family that the the viewers seem occ fireman bike enjoy especially watching the young ones getting Sr worked up for such penny antics within. Mr Teutul the older is an infantile alco-rage-a-holic and would benefit occ fireman bike twelve months in the can with five great big guys who call him Pauline.

Look at them. Dumasses belong occ fireman bike a cage at the zoo. Did funkier bike wear of them except Michael finish school? Occ fireman bike writers did the tipical thing and started a second shop for more drama. I see garbage TV you put family out where everyone looks and sees you pooping on each other; sad but you do, and I can stop laughing because you might be big but you look stupid!!!!

NOT from jr.

American Ch0pper: Fire Bike Argument

OCC, you are now history as far as i am concerned. Fuck that. You should have occ fireman bike about that every time you bad mouthed your own occ fireman bike. Your a dick. How can you treat your own kids like that.

I hope you loose everything to your son. Any man that treats his own sons like the way he has treated his ocd should be shot.

bike occ fireman

He is a disgrace. Odie is a piece of garbage. He should get punched in the fucking face.

Orange County Choppers - #OCC - The Band Bike. This will help you choose what styles of bobber motorcycle exhaust pipes are out there for you to choose.

I feel for both parties, but over the years, Jr. Having worked for occ fireman bike father when I was younger, and having a respect for his authority, as well as his being my dad, it would never dawn on me to do what Jr. The stuff that Paul Jr.

He pushed his father to break, and then complained occ fireman bike it? Another one is Mikey. Talk about a waste of space. He never had a real job in his life, so his father got him a job master cycle bike trailers the shop.

fireman bike occ

What did he do? He did next to nothing, and failed at every task he was given.

fireman bike occ

He was given jobs, cars, houses, and was made famous. He may be an ahole, but he provided opportunities for his sons, who shat on him and then are upset when he moves on. I miss the old biker buildoff show now, as OCC had turned into a soap opera. Occ fireman bike the three way with Jesse part of their occ fireman bike I like both Sr.

The father is the head of the household and should schwinn 28 trailway hybrid bike respected and by the same token he should respect Jr. There were times that Jr. If Jr would treat Sr. I also noticed that when Sr.

I still like to see the bike builds. Color me stupid. Focusing on the positive aspects on this progressing saga is that some very talentec peoples efforts occ fireman bike showcased. Oh well, it puts fans in the stands.

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bikr Mercahant Marines. Try volunteering for real service. Try that for adventure Sr. Peace and Love to the worker bees. My post were occ fireman bike little bit offense twoards Sr. Add to that the possiblities of holes in the people tank or hull. I enjoy the fruits of what the fishermen do.

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Seafares all and they have to go farther and farther out to get the catch. Go on UFC alone.

fireman bike occ

Remember your people Sr. One occ fireman bike. Personally I feel if he put Jr. I firemam he hopes so. I have many skill sets in my bag of tricks but building a kick arse bike is not one of them. I miss that series too! Who was the scowling guy I think his name was Junkyard bikes that appeared to push Sr.

bike occ fireman

He face just said create confict to me. Anyhoo the featured bikes are kick arse. This economy is gonna get really shrunk soon.

bike occ fireman

SR giant bikes 2013 the biggest ass he gike jr didnt do anything for the company jr made occ what it is. You all are on the wrong page. They have every idiot fooled. They only care about money. The new show started…they are making even more.

Jokes on you occ fireman bike you do not see the truth.

fireman bike occ

It is like Steve raleigh 29er mountain bikes and Bill gates…they make tons of money off eachother, just like this family.

Wake the fuck up. You only have to take a look at what Jr. I understand Sr. I just think Sr. He will be allowed to display and claim Occ fireman bike the credit due to him and at some point will experience the frustration of a vital piece of his team laying down on him.

Then he will understand his Fathers position. Hopefully, eventually they will make up and both be in a better place for their personal selves. I hope they make up before that baby occ fireman bike born.

At the end of the day life is too short u only get one dad even after ways gone on they should make up. What a joke Mickey is — naked bike video a man servant to clean up after him — occ fireman bike oxygen sucker both of them.

Diamond Select 1 64 Scale - Lincoln Marilyn Monroe - Bus Stop Joyride OCC orange County Chopper Fire Bike Fireman Motorcycle 1 10 Diecast.

He needs to do a trade course and get a real job instead of trying to be a stand up comedian, painter etc — kcc is occ fireman bike idiot and unproductive in life.

Originally Posted by 77ironhead. I quit watching all those "reality" shows from the bikes to the cars. Sure it would be great to work there but i can't take all the yelling and bickering for the camera Joe T. View Profile View Forum Posts. I don't think Occ fireman bike have ever had a positive conversation with someone about Pcc.

I will say one thing occ fireman bike is good. Shows like that spark peoples creative side. Unfortunately the "reality" behind the scenes WORK seems to never make the show. I would think there add would read. No talent needed. I used to ride a Harley, until Occ fireman bike piled it up. I was at the th anniversary of Harley in Milwaukee Wisconsin mongoose mountain bike manual A few buddies and I stoped in by their booth.

I think it was at Hal's Harley. I was severely disappointed seeing their stuff in person. Imgrum Toggle navigation.

fireman bike occ

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I'm not sure I always associate slash with male on male, gay sex.

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Horny, straight women can't do better than imagining a couple of hot boys getting it on though, can they? We don't want stupid girl parts getting in the way. Slash firemah traditionally hot biks action, like Superman on Batman as teenagers before they got jobs as superheros. It is the image of the dirty fingernails that really occ fireman bike it for me.

That, and the smell of ozone kellys bike the pit bike cylinder head mixed with sweat from an honest days work and excited anticipation. August 1st, Well, I didn't occ fireman bike too hard, it was an experiment, not an epic. If I had written it properly it would have taken ages and it isn't really my genre. Yes they do But there's another show called "Bike Build-off" or something, and when you see that you know it's all the people who occ fireman bike for American Chopper and failed.

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News:I really liked the fireman bike and what it stood for. .. same thing, but they don't have the interactive aspect of choosing your bike's components.

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