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How much does a central heat and air unit cost?

Apr 29

Heating and Cooling is probably not something you think much about… at least until it gets either too hot or too cold … or something breaks! When it does break, your first instinct is to call the local service company to come in and give you a new heating and cooling system.

And that comes with a huge price tag. There is, however, a secret in how to save thousands of dollars on your heating and cooling system... You can buy the heater and air conditioner direct, have it shipped to your home and save thousands of dollars in markup charged by the local service company.

That’s right, the industry of local service providers’ most guarded secret is that you don’t have to buy the equipment through them. Online sellers can sell directly to homeowners, like you, at wholesale pricing, delivered right to your home, ready for installation.

You can save thousands of dollars on a new air conditioning and heating system by buying the equipment direct. Our customers’ average savings is $4,000 per order and can be as much as $6,000-$10,000 depending on the size of your home.

Saving money sounds great, of course, but you may be uncertain how to buy these products. That’s why we  have put together this “Getting Started” series of videos to explain how the process is a lot easier than you’d ever think.

The series covers how to decide whether to replace or plan for a new system, explains efficiency ratings, and shows you how easy our website makes shopping and placing your order online. Let’s get started by breaking down the process into 3 easy steps.

First, start working on your shopping list. To do that, decide if you’re happy with the system you currently have or need something else. Most homeowners who have AC and Heat are just looking for an upgrade or replacement.

Simply lookup the specs on that current system and now you have your shopping list! Second, buy direct and save! Take your shopping list and go online and place your order. Our site has detailed info on the units, plus what accessories or components you might need.

We also have extended customer service hours available in case you have a question. Our experts can easily walk you through what you need. Once the order is placed, the unit should be ready for delivery in 5 to 7 business days! Third, contact a local installer to install your equipment.

There are some misconceptions about buying direct, and you may get some pushback from your installer. The two most common misconceptions is that it’s illegal to buy your equipment online and buying online would void your warranty.

Both of these are false. Anyone can buy equipment online, but most HVAC systems are not DIY projects, so only a licensed installer can install it. And that installation also guarantees your warranty. You’ll still see a huge price difference without the equipment markup.

That’s it! Three steps to save thousands of dollars. And the biggest part of all, is just realizing that the option is even there. Be sure to watch the next video in our Getting Started series for great tips on how to get started on your purchase process with us,

com. If you need any further assistance or have additional questions please give us a call, send us an email, or chat with us online.

What could a heating and air-conditioning system cost you? One of the only ways for people to find out this bit of information. It's, been to contact the heating and air conditioning company directly. The ensuing conversation often sounds a lot like this hello heating.

Air here, how can we help you yeah hi? I was calling and uh just kind of curious. We're interested in possibly getting a new heating and air conditioning system, but you know what that could end up costing us.

Oh, that sounds great. We'll, have a sales person right out. Can I get your address and I don't know if we're ready for a sales person, yet we're, really just doing budgeting and just trying to get an idea of what it might cost.

Well, we don't really give that kind of information over the phone. Again, I can send a sales person out. We've, got great financing options and low monthly payments. Nobody wants to waste their time, trying to get an idea of what something could cost.

Perhaps you weren't even sure. If you were ready to buy. Maybe you were just budgeting now you've, got someone in your home standing in front of you, giving you financing options and talking about a monthly payment.

Angie's List and home advisor have both blogged numerous times on the topic, offering price ranges anywhere from five thousand to fifteen thousand dollars for a complete system. After looking at dozens of company websites in the Affordable Air Conditioning Repair in St. Joseph MO market, not a single one shared any information about what they price their systems, that we are very comfortable sharing with you that our complete system installations typically range from seven thousand to ten thousand dollars.

Depending on your specific needs, installations or replacements of the heating unit or the air-conditioning unit alone, will typically range from twenty-five hundred dollars to five thousand on your preference.

If these ranges are within your budget, then we're very happy to have a conversation with you to see if we can help you in this investment, if you have any questions about a new heating and air conditioning system that I did not already Answer, please give us a call today.