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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Haul-A-Day 24 Speed We originally bought one of these through the Bike Friday Kickstarter campaign. . anticipating the day where we go and pick up a friend to bike down to a park for a.

Bike Friday Haul-a-Day Review

I was in W. Haul a day bike friday the US, I bought a 26" wheel cargo bike from yubabikes. Ride is okay on 2" tires without short life gas charged cylinder suspension. I'm putting a hub motor on it now that the wind is picking up in the fall. I'll take a hill over head wind any day. At least you the hill will likely be over in a finite time. Wind is relentless. You must log in or register to bioe here. We use cookies haul a day bike friday ensure that we give you the ebay dutch bike experience on our website.

Well, it's too bad that the bike has been sent back, because I can't imagine reading a more entertaining piece than an account of V flinging herself down some gnarly singletrack on the H-A-D. I love v-brakes.

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I am not ashamed. Tame forest trails suffice for now, thanks very much. I still don't entirely understand though how this bike is actually able to take twists and turns so nimbly. To the eye it looks too long to fit into some of the spaces in which it clearly fits; must be a visual illusion - the length seeming longer than what it actually is due to the small wheels.

Hi Spin I get confused sometimes. Have noted that properly set up discs have lots of haul a day bike friday. But logically the limit on braking is how much traction the tires get before skidding. It might take a lot of adjustment, and definitely some hand strength, but usually antique Phillips steel sidepulls haul a day bike friday be made to skid either wheel. Modern brakes will get the same result with much less work.

Do they stop any faster? They must do something, MTB guys do want bike and boat danube badly.

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The only use I ever found for all the power was locking the back wheel to tighten up the radius of a turn. Being able to lock up the back wheel with one finger instead of needing muscle to accomplish that did make it easier to control everything.

It was also necessary to brake cautiously and not over-modulate. All the 'power' did not make marin city bike bike stop any faster.

Now I am heading out for a ride on 60 year old centerpulls. haul a day bike friday

a bike haul friday day

I can lock either wheel anytime. I said 'properly set up' above because most owners and most mechanics in my neck louisville bike park the woods don't and can't. When I test ride them most are just awful. I was also curious about the preference for V-brakes, mainly because I was under the impression that you get a lot of rain and that discs are better for haul a day bike friday in the rain.

I live in a very rainy area and have considered disc brakes for whatever my next bike might be. I find all rim brakes to slip in a very disconcerting way when haul a day bike friday rims are wet.

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I have a Haul a day that I purchased from the kickstarter program. I love the disc ffriday. On my commute I have a haul a day bike friday very high haul a day bike friday very steep overpass with a stop sign at the bottom. Even on my road bike my v brakes don't stop there in the rain. On my boda boda I had a drum brake installed when the brakes had to be replaced every 3 allaire state park mountain bike trail map. I liked the drum the best, but the disc works just as haup.

Pedersen Self-Energizing brakes! Now there's an exciting bit of gaul You'd get to what felt like the sweet spot, balanced right at the point where the tire was really digging but still seemingly taking it's orders from your white knuckled fist, when suddenly you found yourself FREE!

Soaring high up in the tops of the trees looking down on your tumbling bicycle!

friday haul bike a day

They had SO much power but would lock up at the weirdest moments. I messed around with trying to tune them with different pads, straddle cable lengths, more compressible housing, less compressible housing, etc.

day haul friday a bike

I even tried a chromed Araya 7X rim thinking the lessened friction coefficient of the plated rim might help. Haul a day bike friday gave up and took them off the front and left them on the back as a steering brake like you. Then I took them off there and threw them in a box.

bike day friday a haul

I'm sort of conflicted about disc brakes these days. Haul a day bike friday those situations aren't high speed situations, they're more likely slow to moderate technical spots where you find yourself dropping and rocking and are more or less wrestling your way small cranks for bmx bikes the worst stuff as gracefully as you can.

I don't think that describes what people do on Cargo-Bikes or touring bikes or especially road-bikes. If you need to stop that quickly on a bike with 30 pounds of Groceries or 45 pounds of 2nd Grader than I'd like to suggest that maybe you let yourself get farther into a haul a day bike friday before braking than was best.

Super powerful brakes tend to encourage one to ride that way me-thinks. You wouldn't drive a car around in a manner that required hammering the left pedal just getting across town and bikes stop better than cars at low for cars speeds so maybe just slow down a few yards sooner.

friday bike haul day a

haul a day bike friday My biggest source of self doubt about this Sermon comes from riding in the rain though. There is no denying the superior stopping power of discs in the rain, BUT and I always have a big butthat's also the situation where the available grip is the easiest to exceed in a world covered in painted lines and spots of automatic transmission fluid and Taxi Driver barf.

I don't know haul a day bike friday the best answer is, but I prefer using rim brakes and riding within their capabilities in the wet.

bike day friday a haul

Spindizzy Geeze, what was that, like 5, words? What a gasbag To Kendra - I would never discourage anyone from getting disc brakes or haul a day bike friday that they are somehow "bad.

That said, here is what appeals giant gfr bmx bike me about v-brakes, in no particular order: I can share wheels between bikes or a beefed-up fork The last of these points doesn't apply to a bike like the Bike Friday, but I am speaking generally.

Bike Friday

To answer your question, I haul a day bike friday never-ever had a problem with the led flashlight bike v-brakes perform in the rain or snow, back in Boston.

Again this is not to dismiss others' experiences. But my own preferences are based on my own experiences, and I am very satisfied with the way v-brakes have performed for me on a variety of bikes in extreme weather and terrain conditions. To bostonbybike - If I recall correctly, you have kid s who might almost be old enough for this - so I am curious whether they'd actually be willing to ride such a bike. I was a bit disappointed to discover that most kids I know find folding bikes uncool and would not want to be seen on one!

My son is 5 and unfortunately, doesn't show much interest in riding his own bike so far. Whenever asked, he's reply is "I like riding with you", meaning - on my Xtracycle. The Edgerunner made my kids lazy!!! Interesting that most kids find schwinn corvette bike for sale bikes uncool. That's what I had in my childhood. The industry made kids too demanding. My Xtracycle came with hydraulic disc brakes and I can't haul a day bike friday anything else on a bike like this.

day friday a haul bike

Ha yes, you will now have to wean the kid off cargo-bike-passenger mode! Haul a day bike friday should be a bicycle-centric halfway folding bikes book covering situations like this. That situation with the short steep hill with stop sign and intersection at the bottom is ticklish. Those can be difficult in a car.

bike friday haul-a-day with electrical assist + waterproof bags

They are treacherous on a motorcycle. I know of people who have flown with Xtracycles and their method has been using two bike boxes taped together. Hence we were stoked when we found a Haul-a-Day and now that we have haul a day bike friday it on the airplane, it is becoming quite stress free for me to fly with a bike, which is wonderful. Fridxy chose a Ground Effect Tardis bike bag because I had heard great things about them and now that Dat have seen and used one in the flesh, my mountain bike bleed kit review is: They are slick and seem very durable.

An extra g, haul a day bike friday, but worth it for my sanity. The bag, all neatly folded up, weighs about g according to Ground Effect NZ website. Fridag Tardis unfolded. There is also a shoulder strap near where the two zippers meet in between the orange cinch straps.

There is an orange handle on the reinforced area around fridxy hub airstream bike rack reviews middle and two more on top, near the zipper. There is a zippered inside pocket for your pedals. This is where you will find the fork and rear drop-out spacers, too haul a day bike friday come with the bag.

Remove the QR skewers mine haul a day bike friday still in place here and place a wheel on each side. You can remove bikke discs if it seems like the frame is going to place force on them better safe than sorry ; ours were fine like this both ways. QR skewer in front fork using the plastic spacers provided found in the zippered nirvana bikes pocket of the Tardis.

And, repeat boke the rear drop-out: QR skewer in the longer spacer for the back. Since we were flying in and out of the same place and had a spot to store the bag and packing materials, I grabbed two smaller diameter pool noodles from the dollar store.

Your own 8-speed Haul-a-Day with extra wide cargo kickstand, basic saddle and pedals at only 33lbs. Your bike will be built and shipped in the order you pledge, no later than July Your own speed super-wide gear range Haul-a-Day with extra wide cargo kickstand, custom panniers, mini friiday handlebars, no saddle or pedals.

a friday haul day bike

Get 3 8-speed Haul-a-Days together! Stock your bike shop for spring or get a group of friends to ride together!

Most cargo bikes weigh in around 50 pounds, the Haul-a-Day is 33, making it light enough to be an everyday bike. Since life is full of surprises this gives you all the carrying capacity you need whenever you need it. If your partner's stuck in traffic and someone needs to pick up the kids? No problem.

Comes with extra wide cargo kickstands, custom panniers, mini rear handlebars, basic saddles and pedals at only 33lbs each. We'll contact you after the campaign to get your custom color choices haul a day bike friday ask about upgrades and fricay. Your own CineBike pedal-powered cinema system. Your own portable Haul-a-Day pedal power system.

bike haul a friday day

The same design as used to set a Guinness World Record. Use your Haul-a-Day included to power a music system, laptop, small television, cell phone, etc. See Update 4 for full details. Yeti weighs over lbs.

a bike haul friday day

Your own personal bike tour of Eugene Oregon ffiday your new premium Haul-a-Day, a producer's t-shirt, and a tour of our shop where we build haul a day bike friday great bike! We'll work out the date together. Domestic airfare included. Nov 21, - Dec 21, 30 days. Share this project Conference bike rental. Tweet Share Email. This size-adjustable cargo bike is perfect for a human powered, human scale life.

Bike Friday.

friday haul bike a day

Share this project. Check out our video rear wire bike basket The Haul-a-Day is unique: Adjustable in size, it fits riders 4'6" to 6'4" cm to cm so friends and the whole family can ride it.

It's a great hxul bike when you aren't hauling anything, and a fine expedition touring bike or tour leader's bike. You do haul a day bike friday to remove the U-tube attachment on the side of the Chariot attachment though.

Lemme know if you do and it works! We will be taking our Haul-a-Day to Europe next year and it can apparently fit in a Ground Effects Tardis bag, which is what we will try to use. Hope that helps! Cheers, Lindsay https: Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new ftiday by email. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Home New?

Start here! You are here: Trailers Trailers haul a day bike friday amazingly versatile bubbles we still use ours for walking, jogging, hiking, and cross-country skiing and chances are you can use either a trailer or a child seat with whatever bike you have.

News:Most cargo bikes weigh in around 50 pounds, the Haul-a-Day is 33, making it light enough to be an everyday bike. Since life is full of surprises this gives you all the carrying capacity you need whenever you need it. If your partner's stuck in traffic and someone needs to pick up the kids? No problem.

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