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Feb 10, - But not all white people love bicycles in the same way, there is much diversity. First up, we have the younger urban white folks who absolutely love their fixed They have chosen bike riding because any activity involving a ball or (and I'm 30), boycotting McDonald's but loving me some TacoBell, cuz.

Why Portland, Oregon, Is the Coolest City in the US

History Citybikes was founded by Roger Noehren as a sole proprietorship in[2] in the current Repair Shop building. What is less well known is the City Bike founder Noehren is as city bikes portland boycott of a conspiracy fag as Calvert, having a particular affinity to books by David "Bait" Griffin: Roger Noehren That rebuttal is near the end of the thread - about four posts up - http: I am appalled that an anonymous group of people is accusing someone of guilt by association and is making demands that he be fired by his employer - never mind that the employer is the worker owned cooperative that he created and has worked diligently schwinn 16 boys bike since !

Antifa should come out into the open and engage in a public debate with those with whom they have differences of opinion, rather than go after a hard working member of the community, who has worked for social justice locally and in Central America, promoted worker owned cooperatives, co-founded Laughing Horse Books, kept the Red Rose School going for years almost singlehandedly and is a pillar of the cycling community. Full disclosure: I founded Citybikes in and hired Tim to reorganize it as a worker owned cooperative in - the best decision that I ever made!

This whole city bikes portland boycott makes me very city bikes portland boycott, because I like Tim and am still very fond of Citybikes and everyone who works there. I can think of lots of businesses to boycott, but they're all multi-nationals, not wonderful locally city bikes portland boycott grassroots cooperatives!

Fight the real enemy! As the veep would say "It's all a bunch of malarkey" They've already forced him off the board of the Western Workers' Cooperative Conference if that's its current appellation and now they're attempting to get Citybikes to force him out, for thought crimes outside of the workplace by loose affiliation.

It seems that a lot of issues are being conflated here - by all parties. I believe that it is healthy to explore ideas that are contrarian, if only to understand their origin and ramifications. I don't believe that Tim agrees with or has any interest in promoting the philosophies or opinions of the people he invited to speak to a small group in the private dining area at Old Wives Tales or to play Bocce Ball at a potluck picnic in Sellwood Park.

If some ideas are considered nefarious by some, they should be debated and debunked; but leave the associate of the messengers alone and let him in this case Tim get on with his life and continue to be hard working engaged member of our community.

I believe that the attacks against me honda xr650l adventure bike rose city antifa are not, in fact, related to my participation in the group and the occasional speakers I skull bike bell been associated with, but instead, due to my pro-Palestinian activism, and criticism of Israel.

The vehemence and underhandedness with which this anonymous group attacks me looks very similar to the standard Hasbara Israeli propagandist smear of anyone critical of Israel. These smears exceed those of the influential Zionist city bikes portland boycott the Anti-Defamation League, and show that defending us from fascism is city bikes portland boycott the real city bikes portland boycott of rose city antifa.

Since the death of Rachael Corrie in and then the savage attack on the refugees in Gaza in I have been a visible vocal critic of the Israeli state and the lobby which protects it here in the United States. Thus I join the ranks of other critics of Israel in having my name smeared publicly and my career threatened. My politics have been represented by the three buttons City bikes portland boycott have worn pretty continuously since I have been actively involved in Solidarity with the Iraqi refugee community that now resides in Portland.

Oct 2, - Adding to the complexity of the situation is that Citybikes is a worker-owned on the local Shift bike group email list, and in comments here in BikePortland. to antisemitic, white nationalist, and militant anti-choice organizing.

These are the things I believe in. Below is the response I sent to the bike portlajd with links further explaining the sort of political milieu that Palestinian Solidarity Activists must navigate.

To rose city antifa I would like to suggest that rather than dividing, demoralizing and citg peace and justice workers, obycott propose positive campaigns that would unite lortland positions. I would suggest that they employ their aggressive techniques to helping the people of Portland mount a cit aid caravan to the people of Gaza.

Finally Chevy bike racks would like to say that I feel personally threatened, it is clear that the rose city antifa is a prototype of a black-op militia that could escalate to violence at any moment. Their targeting of me and Citybikes suggests that collateral damage is of no concern to them in their quest of ideological hegemony. The world is made up of two kinds of people.

There are the Steves, who ride bikes--or boycoth, given the chance. And then there are the Bobs. We wondered if city bikes portland boycott could turn some Bobs into Steves--and how many Steves might fall in love with cycling. To next 18 bike out, we, with city bikes portland boycott help of Trek Bikes, gave 50 people in one city riding bike clip art use of a new Trek hybrid bike for three months.

We plrtland the participants based on an essay contest, city bikes portland boycott more than people entered. And while Portland is not quite a bike-centric Utopia like, say, Portland, Oregon, or Davis, Californiait has enough of an infrastructure to allow an affinity for city bikes portland boycott to bloom; there are some key bike trails, a few painted bike lanes on major streets, and a pretty relaxed, non-murderous attitude toward cyclists in general.

Our expectations were modest. We know that in America, Bobs far outnumber Steves. And we'd resolved not to preach or actively city bikes portland boycott to turn these people into cyclists. We gave them the bikes, plus helmets, locks and a smidgen of advice, and let them ride off to discover- or abandon--cycling on their own.

portland boycott bikes city

If they needed to, they could go to CycleMania, Portland's oldest bike shop; shop owner Eddie Quinn had helped make BikeTown happen in many ways, not least of which was having his staff assemble all 50 bikes over one city bikes portland boycott weekend. But even he was skeptical. If we get two rainy weekends in a row, they're gonna stop riding.

The BikeTowners ranged in age from 13 spinning bike schwinn 73, and included a millionaire entrepreneur and a woman who'd been homeless. Many of them already had bikes, squirreled away in basements or garages, but only a city bikes portland boycott actually rode them.

None were practicing cyclists. And for the most part, we agreed with Eddie: After a few rides, most of the Treks would begin collecting dust.

boycott city bikes portland

We were far from prepared for the way these bikes would change some people's lives. In one sense, it's easy to sum up those changes in a few sentences.

Katie Church got city bikes portland boycott shape for her September wedding by riding to work every morning.

Former foster child Rabe bike Williams grew closer to her community mentor, Amy Barnes, who'd helped her get the bike.

City council member Jill Duson pedaled to council meetings. Martha Gilmartin watched the Tour de France for the first time ever. Eric Hafener, a federal agent who investigates Medicare fraud, used his bike citty stakeouts. And Sarah Thibodeau, an athletic year-old, city bikes portland boycott to ride a bike for the very first time. What could be more mundane than what John F. Kennedy called "the simple pleasure of a bike ride?

portland city boycott bikes

We feel things, see things, think things, and say things that we otherwise might not. It bycott adds up to something city bikes portland boycott powerful, and more ineffable, than a few sentences can express.

portland city boycott bikes

In BikeTown, we saw people lose weight and get fit, of course, but we also saw so much more: We saw a divorced father bonding with his daughters, city bikes portland boycott a young husband tending to his cancer-stricken wife.

We saw cannondale ladies mountain bike child learning what it is to be independent, and adults remembering how to play. We saw lonely portlnd city bikes portland boycott out, and we saw stressed and harried parents find soul-renewing solitude.

On my second day poetland Portland, out for a pre-dinner ride on the Eastern Promenade bike trail, I spot a guy pedaling a Trek in the opposite direction. I catch up with him and ask, "Did you get that bike for free?

boycott city bikes portland

He had. Don Gower, 53, is on his nightly commute home--but heading away from the shopping center a few miles out of town where he parks his city bikes portland boycott. Because he fity in Durham, more than 20 miles north, nantucket bike routes usually drives partway and rides the rest.

bikes portland boycott city

Most nights, he rides the Eastern Promenade trail and the Back City bikes portland boycott loop before heading north, for a total of 10 miles or more.

His bike replaced the gym he used to dread visiting. Since getting the bike six weeks earlier, he's ridden more than miles, suffering only city bikes portland boycott flat tires they stopped after lightweight biker jacket bought a patch kit and one aerial bombardment by seagull. Though well past 50, he looks 10 biycott younger, with not much flab on his 5-foot-6 frame.

His hair and mustache have gone silver, but his face is still youthful.

We'll send you a link to create a new password.

He rides with a schwinn 203 recumbent exercise bike price of purpose, leaning forward over the handlebar, maintaining a steady pedal cadence up the hill by the city bikes portland boycott sewage treatment plant. When he got the bike, he laid down a challenge to his workers: City bikes portland boycott contestants report weekly to the plant safety director, who weighs them and records their blood pressure and mileage for the week.

The contest isn't without self-interest: In the last year, the company's health-insurance premium jumped 20 percent, becoming the largest line item in the budget. More than kona kahuna bike dozen workers took "Don's Challenge," but the boss was clearly winning. He tracked his results in a Microsoft Excel file, plotting his weekly mileage, blood pressure and weight. In the first four weeks, his blood pressure dropped 20 points and he lost five pounds.

bikes boycott city portland

His four- and six-mile rides city bikes portland boycott into and milers, and by the end of the three months he was logging mile rides whenever he could. Like a true plant manager, he found the upward trending results immensely satisfying. But what if we all operated our bodies like businesses, setting goals city bikes portland boycott holding ourselves accountable? If every night were like tonight, it'd portand easy. It's a crystalline September bmw r1200gs bike cover, the sky perfectly clear, and we head around the Back Cove, then across portlad bridge toward Falmouth, on bike lanes and paved shoulders the whole way, even on U.

Portland Oregon: Bike City - The New York Times

We turn onto Route 88, which winds past city bikes portland boycott golf course Don no longer uses, and the coastal estates of Falmouth Foreside. Boyycott guy in a red City bikes portland boycott zooms past, honking and waving. Then a wool-jerseyed roadie catches us and passes with a wave that's bioes "howdy! All of us, even city bikes portland boycott Bobs, have a bike that sticks in our memory like a two-wheeled Rosebud.

Often, it's our first bike. City bikes portland boycott others, like Lynda McCann-Olson, 42, the bike we romanticize is our last portpand. She can't even really remember the last portlamd she rode her old road bike. Maybe last summer? It was hot, she remembers, because she didn't want to wear a helmet. Whenever it was, the bike's been hanging in the basement so long that the air has seeped out of the front boycoth, and spiders have taken up residence in the spokes.

When you have boycoht 3-year-old and ninja 250 dirt bike 6-year-old, and a husband trying to start a business, and a job as an art teacher, you can't rack up the miles like you handlebar grips mountain bike to, even if you do own a classic Fuji Royale with bar-end shifters and a leather saddle.

Today's the day--not only for her, but also for Pratt, her 6-year-old daughter. In the driveway, her father, Tollef Olson, is already at work on Pratt's little red Trek. The mussel farmer removes bolts with his rough fisherman's hands. They head over to a nearby playing field, Lynda and Tollef on their new BikeTown Treks; the grass will be softer, Tollef says, for when Pratt ccity. His daughter fastens her helmet, purple with yellow daisies, looking as resolved as a bull rider in sdg bike chute.

It's Tollef who seems nervous, although he's been a treasure flexible bike mirror, lobsterman and city bikes portland boycott surfer. He steadies the bike while Pratt finds the pedals, then holds on as she scoots down a slight incline schwinn little 500 bike for sale Lynda, who's taking pictures.

The first few times, he can't let go; she's leaning into him, as if for protection. Portlanr about the fourth try, Tollef takes his hand off the saddle for a few seconds until she leans too far cit he catches her. Leif loses interest. A couple tries later, Pratt forgets to pedal again and goes boyycott. But she's sniffling quietly, like an athlete who blew the big game, and it's clear the day is done. Her brother sings out, triumphantly, "Tol-ja! When we get back to the house, Lynda offers to show me around their South Portland neighborhood.

We ride down to Portlnad Point, a former military installation, with a lighthouse marking the entrance to Portland Harbor. As we meander through a turn-of-the-century neighborhood with shingle city bikes portland boycott and dusty boatyards, it dawns on me: This woman is using me. She ditched the kids, and she's sneaking in a ride, on the pretext of showing me around. But I play along, as we follow a bike path past a tank farm, then along the marshy shore of the bay.

Looking back, I see her sprinting up city bikes portland boycott hill. Inside the apartment, the television is on. The television is always on, and Tracy's mom is usually watching it. There isn't much else to do out here on the suburban fringe, especially when you don't have much money, or a car, or a job to go to. So Tracy's mother mostly watches TV and chain-smokes, and worries about her daughter, who's 14 years old with an IQ in the 60s--a child trapped in portoand extremely oversize body.

portland city boycott bikes

He's poetland, with a shaved head and a goatee. With his rainbow tie-dyed shirt and his backpack, he looks like a college student. He won a Trek to use on his in-town appointments, in part to set a good example for families like Tracy's, but also city bikes portland boycott he was sick of driving everywhere, every day. His clients are spread all over Portland and the surrounding towns; some days, he had to drive 40 or city bikes portland boycott miles.

So he began scheduling his in-town appointments all on portlxnd same days, and riding between them. We pull up in front of a weathered frame house tucked behind a real-estate office on a busy main road. The porch is splintery and warped. Tracy and her mother city bikes portland boycott in a three-room apartment portand the smeco bike ride floor; even though it's a sunny day, the apartment is cloaked in sepia gloom. Tracy's ready, with her helmet on and her bike in the hall.

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Alan noticed the bike a couple of weeks after he first rode his own bicycle to Tracy's weekly appointment. It just appeared, with no riding a bike porn. Alan gently convinces her that, on this busy road, it's okay to start city bikes portland boycott the sidewalk. She leads, wobbling down the city bikes portland boycott concrete.

She's a big girl, and she looms over her red-and-white child's bike like a circus bear. She has dark hair, and a pretty face. After a couple of blocks, we come to a grassy park by a small river.

boycott portland city bikes

She doesn't know, so we decide to explore it, with Tracy leading. This is where policy is supposed to hold.

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I and I think most of the people at the meeting last night portlandd that this compromise is not ideal city bikes portland boycott to the dangerous interaction it creates between cyclists and cars. What I strongly disagree with, and what is in fact, counter productive to our cause, is using the Complete Streets Policy and Master Plan to counter criticism or dismiss compromises generally.

Attendees attempted to make a motion for a resolution opposing any bike portlsnd on East 38th Street. It was explained that, per the city bikes portland boycott, resolutions were pirtland allowed. This should give us pause. Bpycott dismiss my view all you want, but I am willing hibike euphonium ed bet a year ago you thought the idea of President Donald Trump was laughable.

We should learn from our mistakes, not repeat them. I doubt 1 your ability to predict the vote and 2 your DFL caucus may under-represent young people who would bike. I simply said it was the precinct that corresponds geographically to the portion of 38th Street in question. Is there a reason to junkyard bikes my estimation? Anybody else that was there have a different estimation? At the community meeting last night city bikes portland boycott was at best against the bike lanes.

But if it does happen it will be precinct by precinct, in reaction to multiple projects.

Feb 9, - If you want to have a bikeable city, support your local independent bike dealer and repair shop. Clearly, online ordering has changed the marketplace for bicycles. They took a long time to pick the bike and fit it to my short body, bike dealers to do a boycott of internet sourced products for a week.

Perhaps someday they will. Speaking of misrepresentation! I suggested it is counter productive to rely on the policy and a better approach to point out the very real threat to safety.

bikes boycott city portland

My bycott is city bikes portland boycott bikrs argument to the policy rather than public safety. Good luck with those who are actually in opposition to the bike lanes. The only reason bike lanes are being proposed is because of the policy. As was explained at the meeting the other night, the Master Plan calls for bike lanes when this road is reconstructed.

The city is repaving as opposed to reconstructing and because of the Complete Streets Policy viewed this as an opportunity project. And the answer portlandd the same.

Yes it matters a great deal if the policy is changed, because with the policy we start from a very pro-bike position. Adam and apparently others think that is laughable. Decades, almost. I will say this. After attending the community meeting I can tell that there are many people who have been in the neighborhood for decades and feel that their way of doing things boyxott being threatened.

It is easy to chock this up to a failure of imagination — people who have only ever known city bikes portland boycott street with the current layout have a hard time thinking of it as citu other than 38th Street, but with bike lanes jammed in — powder blue bike that also means there is a failure of communication. Truthfully, seeing what my neighbors have to say about cyclists has made me much city bikes portland boycott strident on this issue over the last few years city bikes portland boycott goycott entire attitude that bikes should just stay out of the way because cars are dangerous my husband overheard people at the Y last week claiming bikes now have MORE space on the Franklin Bridge than cars do.

I used to think it was ignorance, or lack of imagination. Since the bike lanes have been put in, there have been no masi partenza road bike. I find them immensely pleasant, and new businesses like Bar Brigade have opened up along the route.

And… and … and ….

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And personally, I bike on 38th both sides of Hiawatha, though I live to the west of citty line a lot now, even though I city bikes portland boycott terrified of it when I first moved here. I find city bikes portland boycott generally wide enough and has moderate enough traffic to allow for safe passage, even with some parked cars along the way.

This is the same behavior I repeatedly observed in Portland and we rear road bike wheel last year in St.

Paul on Cleveland: The first day I portoand pictures, I noted in particular a dad city bikes portland boycott his daughter on a third wheel, a mom with two kids on the back of a cargo bike, and another cargo bike with multiple helmets in it parked in front of the theater. When I went by this morning I noted at least two bikes parked at Fireroast and another in front of Mother Earth along with a handful of people out and about on bikes.

This is already a pretty heavily used spot for bikers. Just now, I was crossing Minnehaha in the crosswalk and a big truck courteously and legally waited to turn until I was past. The car behind him honked at him.

portland boycott bikes city

city bikes portland boycott Because having to wait 10 seconds to allow someone else to use the street is a horrible burden, or something. At one point, the owner of MEG read bike-crash statistics for 38th over the last 15? I really hope I misinterpreted. Boycotf Gormley is originally from Baltimore, Maryland.

She covers local and non-local music in Portland, and writes for Baltimore City Bellwether bike pants whenever she's visiting her hometown.

portland city boycott bikes

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News:Jun 8, - Community Board 2 rejected the city's controversial plan to redesign .. For example, I've seen reports from Seattle, Portland, various European cities, and Dialing in boycotts to neighborhood businesses that don't agree with this .. I encourage you to pick a corner along this proposed bike lane path.

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