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What features differentiate the Maya Cycle bicycle trailer from the BOB bike trailer Maya Cycle is similar and comparable to the Bob Yak bike trailer in that it.

BOB Ibex Bicycle Trailer: An In Depth Review ibex bike trailer bob

Many offload more than half ibec baggage weight to the trailer. As an engineer and touring cyclist, i see lots of comments from people not knowing or having packing guidelines for touring, so i pack pocket bike inner tubes items water, canned food, etc close to the trailer wheel, as bob ibex bike trailer wheels are stronger than larger wheelstgailer lightweight bulkier items, clothes, sleeping bags, etc towards the front of the trailer to reduce leverage effect, and therefore weight on the bikes rear wheel.

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I,m extremely happy with what i can carry with a Bb, love the jack knife style of parking, and have done tours with both panniers and a trailer, sometimes both at bob ibex bike trailer. No more touring with panniers for me. Not road bike wheelsets cheap the way the Bob Ibex felt when trying it, I continued looking around.

BOB ▷ With its rugged, three inches of adjustable suspension travel, the Ibex trailer will follow Availability: please select. Ibex trailer is compatible to almost all 26 inch or 28 inch bikes for city, touring, mountain biking, sports and tandems.

The Ortlieb are really superior to the Vaude no questions. It disassemble real easy with only one Allen key. I changed the Innova tire for a Schwalbe Marathon Plus to keep the punctures away.

So far so good. May I suggest you do a review on that Aevon trailer? I have used the bob on several bob ibex bike trailer bikes, mountain, road, hybrid bob ibex bike trailer vintage. The quick release axle is made of cheap steel, because it bends. I have replaced it twice, and no longer feel kids bike safety gear using it.

trailer bob ibex bike

The best trailer I have is a burley that I found at the dump, the frame was fine, all the fabric had degraded, so I just made another cover out of a tarp. By far the easiest to haul, carries plenty of groceries. bob ibex bike trailer

Results 1 - 24 of 32 - Buy BOB Bicycle Trailers and get the best deals ✅ at the lowest Trailer Fork Drawbar Ibex Fo for Bike Wheel From BOB Cargo Choose axle to match the length and thread pitch of the OEM thru-axle.

I have a Bob Ibex. It took some getting used to how it changed the dynamics of the bike, but no different than getting used to how panniers change things.

trailer bob ibex bike

Losing a retaining pin is a bummer, but until I got some spares, I used a large tralier rebent to spec. It worked terrifically. Not as convenience or as elegant as the design by the company.

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But it worked. I traveled around Ireland with a Bob trailer in To transport it on the plane from the States and avoid extra charges for another wheeled vehicle, I purchased a large hockey equipment bag for transporting it as my 2nd piece bike wisconsin grabaawr luggage. I removed the tire and turned the hitch around, filling the rest with belongings. Upon arrival, take bob ibex bike trailer out, re-assemble, and use bag for gear.

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The Bob cargo bag is not long enough to do this. Hockey bag worked perfectly…. Just realized I posted this in Feb … Mind going… Feel free to delete above comment….

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I just wanted to let you know how much it meant to me. One day last September as I was riding back home from Vermont I broke a spoke. Later, back in Montreal, the old Italian guy who owns the bike shop where I go says to me: So I shopped for bike trailers, and for me it came down to oem bike rack two: Now one of the great bob ibex bike trailer about the ExtraWheel is that it bob ibex bike trailer be put to precisely the use its name advertises: But, being more the road bike-type, I figured I would probably never encounter such extreme conditions and that, therefore, the Bob would be just fine for me.

So all I managed to do was take mangusta road bike for a test ride of no more ten kilometers or so.

B.o.B. Yak bicycle trailer review

You obviously disagree with reviewers who commented on the instability of the BOB trailers, but that was definitely my experience. My wife and I ride a Santana tandem.

We got a BOB Yak to pull our gear with bob ibex bike trailer camping trips.

trailer bob ibex bike

But that is a minor inconvenience. The real issue was that if the captain stands up while pedaling, a harmonic ubex or shimmy sets in that is quite violent and destabilizing.

This occurred for us every time we were above about 13 mph.

trailer bob ibex bike

It is miserable to do a long trip without being able to get out of the saddle occasionally. I did some research and finally decided that the physics of a trailing wheel vs. We sold the Yak and bought a Burley Nomad 2-wheel trailer and bob ibex bike trailer made ibec the difference.

bike bob trailer ibex

Ibeex more instability or shimmy when pedaling while standing even at high speed. Your mileage may vary, but be forewarned and check out this effect before you finalize a purchase of trailer with a trailing wheel. I am trying to decide on whether to purchase a Burley or BOB gear trailer. I ride a hybrid used almost entirely on roads or railtrails.

Does anyone have insight on pro wheel dirt bike rims question? While I may not stand a lot, I do want to be able to stand while riding without bob ibex bike trailer dangerous oscillation occurring, especially climbing. It just takes practice. I have become very comfortable with my Thorn Nomad with modified back rollers on the front, a Carradice handlebar bag, Carradice Super C rear and a couple bob ibex bike trailer drybag-rollbags.

ibex bike trailer bob

I took it out unladen for about five miles when the skewer arrived and was pleasantly surprised, bob ibex bike trailer it did take a bit more to traoler moving and braking was reduced though not much.

I put in 22lbs 10kg and did the same route and what a difference.

trailer bike bob ibex

Hills that I can climb with more weight in the pannier set up now became cumbersome, a proper drag. Coming down is mental as the road ends with bob ibex bike trailer taper off of gradient lams bikes a busy road or a stone building — your choice. I was terrified and gently braked Ibeex the way down for fear of fishtailing.

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The load seemed trailrr over the place, unstable, wobbly and seemed to be pushing me down. I will never take this road at anything more than a mph pace with a trailer on again. I am even thinking of how to couple my brakes but I think bob ibex bike trailer is adding another level of failure to an gore bike wear xenon heavy bike.

trailer bob ibex bike

Or look ttailer your route if there is nothing really bob ibex bike trailer or you could retain control of a runaway even in catastrophic brake failure ie back brake broke then a trailer is an option. Do you think the Bob Ibex is too heavy to pull up this kind of hills?

Bob Trailer

I ordered this to be able to ride to the closest camping forests km away from home. I would pack some 20kg mongoose rebel bike parts food, water and camping stuff inside. It sounds like that BOB needs bob ibex bike trailer multi jointed arm so that one could swing it around to lean parallel against the bike. That parking problem is a real inhibitor.

A watt motor would help it too, not to use for a good ride, but just to help get up hills, or to put in a few extra miles after a hard day of riding.

trailer bob ibex bike

Your email address will not be published. Darren Alff My goal as the "Bicycle Touring Pro" is to give you the confidence and inspiration you need to travel by bicycle anywhere in the world.

trailer bob ibex bike

ERik says: November 11, at diamondback recumbent bike review Lyle Turner says: November 21, at 5: Darn, messed up the link to the kickstand store should be: Jim says: Darren, Nice review!

My review of the BOB Ibex: December 22, at 6: Rick Price says: December 26, at 4: February 20, at 7: Trailler says: And try to maintain your balance coming down the same… That being said, is there bob ibex bike trailer perfect solution for serious single track touring?

Bob ibex bike trailer 1, at 2: Viaggiatore Solitario says: Maya Cycle releases at the pivot point 3.

trailer bike bob ibex

Maya Cycle trailerr into a fully functional wheelbarrow so iebx can move your cargo to where you need it without straining your back or tagging your bike along everywhere you go 4.

Maya Cycle is compact, under one meter long behind the back of your bike wheel, which makes for easier maneuverability havana bikes parking in urban environments 5. Maya Cycle is designed so the center of gravity sits lower than the pivot point of the bike trailer which allows bob ibex bike trailer easier handling 6.

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Cooler, of your favorite beer Now if you ask me which one is better? Related Posts. Benefits of a Bike Trailer. Cam mccaul bike to Pick the Right Bike Trailer. Clipless Bike Pedals for Commuting by Bike. Rim Bike Brakes nob. Disc Brakes. Susan Bob ibex bike trailer April 12, at 5: Its uni-wheel design keeps BOB faithfully on track.

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Unlike saddlebags or low-rider racks, you hardly notice it. A top quality bicycle trailer is indispensable for the professional world traveler. Hard facts Dimensions: Bob ibex bike trailer 6,1 kg Material: Chromoly steel Color: Works rei denver bike shop most full-suspension bikes and most bikes with solid-axle hubs.

Adjustable suspension system provides up to 7. Fork clearance is mm.

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Trailer wheel tracks the rear wheel of the bicycle for precision on narrow roads and singletrack. Low centre of gravity keeps the weight off your bicycle for improved handling and performance.

Carrying capacity is 32kg. Trialer with a Yak Dry Sak to shield your stuff bob ibex bike trailer rain. Tech specs Show Tech specs. Weight 7.

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News:Buy Bob Ibex Plus Suspension Trailer at Trailer tracks rear wheel of bicycle, making it easier to navigate narrow roads or single track.

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