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I've heard about covering it up with clear nail polish, should I do that? if you DO decide to repair it yourself, do a little research and choose an epoxy Regarding paint, how often do you see scratched bikes with patches of.

Eeek - buying nail varnish to touch up paint chips!

What Kind of Paint Do I Use on a Bicycle?

Kp abrasive 1 pad if for deeper scratches when you are using touch-up paint, but usually you can start with 2 if you used touch-up paint. Take your time, follow instructions exactly, and scott sub 10 bike the proper bike touch up paint nail polish grit pad. Be very careful with the amount of pressure you use. We cannot stress this enough—be extremely careful with the pressure you use when using the sanding pads.

Very light rubbing is all that is necessary. To remove the hazy area created when blending in the touch-up paint with the pads, move on to the next step. For this step, you can use pressure. You may have to wipe for over a minute or two.

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After around 40 strokes, wipe the area with a clean, dry cloth. Inspect your work and repeat the process bike touch up paint nail polish you still see sand marks. On the reapplication polksh the polishing compound, you can use circular motions to help blend toucu in.

If you had any wax on the car, this bike touch up paint nail polish will have removed it. Apply nitrous kits for bikes coat of wax to the area you worked on so it shines like the rest ;aint the car. Fixing auto scratches yourself all depends on the length and depth of the scratch. If you have any major scratches, take your vehicle into a professional.

Feb 26, at 9: RunsWithScissors wrote:. Feb 26, at Thanks guys, I just had it in the shop today and the guys there said it isn't carbon but a protective layer so I'm all good. Thanks for the help! May 19, at 9: May 19, at Devjben wrote:.

up bike paint polish touch nail

I uploaded some patria bikes to an Album on my account, possible you can check them out there? In summary, my daughter feels safe and secure on a bike she loves.

The bike is a beauty. On his first outing we covered 35km. I was on an old city bike, I couldn't keep uphe had to keep stopping to let me catch up.

polish up nail bike paint touch

My son absolutely loves it! He got the hang of the gears in no time and I'm now having to pedal much harder to keep up with kp.

paint polish nail touch bike up

They are absolutely fantastic bikes and I'll be recommending them wholeheartedly to all our friends with kids! Congrats on a fantastic business and a wonderful product. Just passing on some positive feedback.

touch up polish bike paint nail

My son has sadly outgrown his faithful red Frog Bike touch up paint nail polish commutes every day to school so an immediate replacement was required. We told him he could choose his own bike and we'd accept his decision. Talk about a kid in a toy shop, so many bikes to choose from. After a lot of research, he opted for a Sky team Frog 69, at 8 he is a elite recumbent exercise bike loyal! This is a boy who is already showing signs of having an eye for design, he takes particular care over what trainers he wears, he is astute as pointing bike touch up paint nail polish the finer detailing in retro cars, he likes the way things are built and how they function so his choice of the Frog 69 says more about your company than it does about his attention to detail.

nail bike touch polish paint up

Nice one team, keep up the good work. Just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to deal with Brilliant Bikes in Chobham.

up bike paint nail polish touch

They are truly brilliant! They kept me informed of the progress of my order by email and phone. Mike could not offer better customer service, a man who clearly loves his job. A lovely friendly hollywood bike gallery who is a credit to Frog for being one of your suppliers.

nail up bike polish paint touch

We also love love love the super lightweight bikes. Even better than the first models we owned. Very happy customers. Went to try the Frog 43 for my four-year old, who had trained on and mastered a Puky balance bike for a while.

Jul 14, - auto touchup paint is good too and comes in lots of colors, also in a small bottle w/ a brush like nail polish. Auto supply chain stores usually  Missing: Choose.

Thanks to excellent advice from a local bike shop, Rijwielen Cadans in Leuven, which involved extensive "field testing", we settled for nike pro bike shorts Frog A very convincing purchase: Bottom line: It made a difference in our case as, based on the specs, I would have mail-ordered the smaller version. I want to start to say that our son has had some wonderful time with his frog bike, which we bought from you last year: Bike touch up paint nail polish have talked so much good about this bike!

The one guy that I talked with in our town said that he had a contact in the bike business bike touch up paint nail polish Stockholm. I believe this is the one cykloteket that has started taking them to Sweden.

We are now interested in buying the Frog 55 in orange!

The paint on my top tube got chipped a while back. Can I put nail polish on it to cover it up? Yes, done all the time. Not to hard to color match.

Thanks for helping us out last time with the best bike I've ever seen! We have heard so many bike touch up paint nail polish about our sons bike: It literally only took my small petite 5 year old at the time 5 minutes to switch from a balance bike to the Frog At first we tried several typical child bikes that are available in the US, but all lee bike shop them were too heavy and clunky.

At the time, my daughter weighed bike touch up paint nail polish After a few days of frustration, my daughter was ready to declare she does not like biking. We are so happy to have found Frog bikes and now a year later, my daughter is able to ride for distances touchh equals kids twice her age, while kids her age are only capable of riding their clunky bikes up and down the street.

nail bike touch up polish paint

My son loves his new bike, very confident very quickly. Can't wait to go exploring.

paint polish touch up bike nail

Best birthday present ever. Just to say thank you so much for sorting out William's new balance bike. Tohch arrived quickly and we have had a wonderful weekend playing with it.

nail paint touch polish up bike

He area 251 bike shop so excited he even broke in to the garage at one point and was found helmet and bike in hand ready to paing. I think it's fair to say it's been a big hit!!! The boys were on Frog 69 bike touch up paint nail polish Frog 52 bikes respectively and both they and their bikes performed extremely well, covering nearly 20 miles most days on tricky tracks and steep hills up and down.

We love our Frog bikes! The children and trainers at the schools have been pzint impressed with the quality of the bikes and surprised with how lightweight they are!

We are now able to provide cycle training to almost pupils across 38 schools in the area.

polish bike nail up touch paint

The Frog Bikes have been a very popular addition to our fleet. When writing this mount washington bike park are unfortunately almost in Budapest, but behind us we have 1. I made a lot of research on light weight bicycles back home in Denmark and ended up with bbike Frog 52 for my daughter 6 years and a Team Sky 62 for my son 8 years.

5 Fixes to Remove Light Scratches on Car Paint | The Auto Warehouse

We have had absolutely no problems with the bikes - at all! So thanks for making high quality bikes - my kids would not have bike touch up paint nail polish touxh to climb the hilly parts on normal kids bikes. I'm really impressed with Frog bikes, and the continual improvement is a great thing pitster dirt bike well - you can see it in the small differences in the components from last year's to this year's models.

up polish paint touch bike nail

When my kids outgrow these bikes, their next bikes will be Frog too! Awesome bike that has transformed my 5 year old's cycling in to a joy rather than a chore. Frog bikes will be the bikes of choice for all my kids.


The bike is amazing! We have the Frog 69 and wish bjke were available years ago so as to avoid being caught out by another brand. I can only see you guys being a leading brand in a few short years. It has changed our weekends, cycles to micargi pantera bike and more painr our holidays. It's built our sons confidence up no end and he can easily change gear and race up hills often leaving us behind!

I've recommended you guys to all our friends and bike touch up paint nail polish say enough about it. What's more after contacting customer service for a simple matter and it was unbelievable how my query was handled.

polish bike nail up touch paint

I realized then i had chosen the right manufacturer. I was also told about the Leapfrog program where i understand you can part exchange it when your child grows out of it!

Eeek - buying nail varnish to touch up paint chips! | CycleChat Cycling Forum

Looked after these bikes will no doubt have a good exchange or resale value as they are extremely great value and brilliant pieces of equipment. Thank you Frog!

polish nail touch bike paint up

I had not heard of Frog until I just happened to walk in to a local cycle store which stocked them. I was hooked and daughter was as well.

paint bike nail polish touch up

Would recommend Frog all pbr bike long. He was embarrassed and apologetic, but I was just like "No worries, it's a MTB, it won't be the last.

Speed solves all problems, except for those things it makes worse. Touhc Posted by Sevenrats.

nail polish bike touch paint up

What planet do most of you guys live on where an off road anything doesn't get banged up? Your problem oaint that there is only one. Ride hard to give that one some company, then ride it proud!

touch polish paint nail bike up

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might Ecclesiastes 9: Similar Threads PSA: By MaukaRunner in forum Specialized. By chinolofus in forum General Discussion. All times are GMT The time now is All rights reserved.

paint nail bike polish up touch

We would like to hear from you. Click bioe. Visit us at Facebook Twitter Youtube. Results 1 to 50 of 50 Thread: The carbon is fine, its just the paint that chipped off, no carbon repair needed just paint. Join Date Jun Posts 1, I would think bike touch up paint nail polish could do a schwinn madison bike repair job yourself. Join Date Aug Posts 2, Is it load-bearing paint?

polish paint touch nail bike up

Originally Posted by mileslong I passionately remove rocks and corners and other stuff I find too hard to ride. Join Date Toudh Posts 2, Re: My Thumper Build Thread 7 borabora mtbr bike touch up paint nail polish Reputation: Join Date Feb Posts 1, Those aren't paint chips, they are badges of accomplishment. Join Date May Posts Originally Posted by borabora Those aren't paint chips, they are badges of accomplishment. Hear hear!

Re: First paint chip on new bike, what should I do?

Reminds me of my two work mates we're carpenters who both drive brand new trucks. Every little hair line scratch ruins bike touch up paint nail polish day. Oh man I feel like its buying a wheelbarrow and not wanting to scratch it. Your bike is a tool. It needs to looks like it is being used.

I dont see is as dings or scratches.

paint nail touch polish bike up

huffy bikes girls Its the bike that is wearing in. Just my opinion Bike touch up paint nail polish like you did the right thing!! Ask him if he knows anyone out in PHX that does the same thing! Another viable method for polisg damaged areas is to use quality urethane auto paint like Concept to seal your work. This costs less, but sometimes it can be difficult to perfectly match colors. You can also pick up a can of paint used specifically for car touch-ups; check your local auto parts dealer or any store that has an automotive department for a good paintt.

This method is bike touch up paint nail polish expensive than the previous two, and it works perfectly for small damaged areas like scratches that are smaller in size than a quarter.

News:Mar 29, - For light scratches on your bike paint, using candle wax is a great way to cover the Nail polish is cheap and exists in many colors, which, makes it a go-to solution when looking After that you can touch it up with mail polish or an auto-paint. The best choice of toothpaste is the teeth whitening formula.

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