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A Five Step Guide To Solar Panel Installation

Oct 8

A Five-Step Guide To Solar Panel Installation


There are more than 1 million solar-powered homes in America. More homeowners are now considering solar panels for their roofs. If you are interested in new energy, it makes sense to learn about the typical installation process and how to build your own system. Before your Arizona-solar company can provide power to all your devices, you must complete five key steps. The following five steps will be required to get a solar installation up and running.


1. Engineering site visit


Once you sign the contract with Arizona Solar Company (either a loan, loan, or power purchase agreement), an engineer will visit to inspect your home's electrical system and confirm that it is compatible. This usually happens within one week of signing with them.


The evaluation checks that there aren't any issues, such as cracks in the roof. It also ensures that no obstructions to installation or natural light are prevented from entering panels. If problems arise, such as damage from weather conditions like hailstorms that can invalidate warranties, they can often resolve themselves through negotiations between installers.


2. Permits and documentation


Additional paperwork, such as building permits, will be required in order to apply for incentive programs. These permits are specific in each case and will be provided by your local installer.

People typically apply for state and federal solar incentives. This includes the Federal ITC, local program, PACE, and clean energy financing initiatives. You can get these benefits from many sources. It's important to have all the details.


3. Ordering equipment


The two components you need to evaluate are inverters (solar panels) and inverters (inverters). The installer will recommend one brand but you can also choose from other brands. When comparing brands, it is important to consider durability, efficiency, as well as aesthetics.


4. Solar panel installation


Once all the electrical wiring is done, the electricians will install racking for your panels. This will be the only piece of equipment that will actually attach to your roof. Once they have attached the wiring, the solar panels will be placed on the racking. Finally, an electrician will connect the inverters with each other to allow direct current energy to be converted into alternating power that is used for homes on grids.



5. Approval, interconnection


The final step in solar power is to connect your panels to a grid. Before you can do so, a representative of the town government must inspect your system and approve it during an inspection process. This basically double-checks the installation work done in Arizona by the solar company.


Following the local inspection, your grid interconnection will be completed. An electric company representative will be present to conduct a final inspection of your solar panel system. This will ensure that it meets all requirements before it is allowed to go live on the national electricity grid.


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