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What Does An Interior Designer Do

May 31

An interior designer plans and designs the physical layout of rooms or buildings. They create spaces that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and conducive to the intended purposes of the room or building. They often specialize in a particular field, style, or phase of interior design, and some have advanced degrees in the subject. They also use their knowledge of human behavior and building codes to ensure the designs they produce are safe for the people who will occupy them.

Many interior designers work for firms or studios, where they can collaborate with other designers and clients on various projects. They typically have access to computers and other technology to help them produce drawings, presentations, and 3D visualizations of their designs. They also use their skills to research materials and products, create budgets and timelines, and coordinate with other professionals involved in the project, such as architects and engineers.

Some interior designers choose to focus on residential design. They consult with home owners and transform their houses into stylish, comfortable living spaces that reflect the personalities of the residents. Other interior designers specialize in commercial, hospitality, or healthcare design. These fields require specialized knowledge of health and safety regulations, as well as knowledge of the needs of certain age groups or special populations.

Other specialty areas for interior designers include yacht and boat design, which requires an understanding of how to optimize space for limited storage and circulation. They also need to be able to balance decorative elements with the need for functionality in small, cramped spaces.

The selection and placement of art in a room is an area where many interior designers excel. This is because the right piece can enhance a room’s aesthetic and evoke specific emotions in the viewer. It can also be a powerful tool to convey a message or an idea.

There are some differences in the role and responsibilities of interior designers versus interior decorators, which is a title that is protected in the UK. Interior designers must have the appropriate skills, knowledge, and experience to be able to meet the responsibilities of their job, while decorators are more concerned with decorating a space with decorative elements.

While there are many different types of spaces that interior designers can specialize in, most begin their careers in residential or commercial design. This is because the majority of people require functional spaces for work or play, and it is important for those spaces to be comfortable and aesthetically appealing.

Many magazines exist to provide advice on color palette, furniture, and other aspects of interior design. However, some such as Dwell and Veranda are known for their focus on architecture, while others like Lonny and the recently relaunched Yolo are geared toward a more contemporary audience. There are also specialty publications, such as marine design or eco-friendly homes, that cater to a more specific market.