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Jan 21

Tile Grouting

Whatever room you want to upgrade, tiles are an excellent choice for affordability, low floor maintenance, and aesthetic value, and North Houston Tile is the best choice for you. We assist with tile floor projects of all sizes, whether you’re looking to repair and replace broken tiled flooring, install new tiles, or get some beautiful interior decor ideas from our tile design experts. With our comprehensive, customized tile services, you’ll see your home looking better than ever before, with a structurally sound foundation that looks great and is made to last a lifetime. Our professionals perform the precise, detail-oriented tile laying techniques necessary to transform your space and keep you safe and comfortable at home on a tile floor that is built for you.


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Installing a new tile floor at home can quickly become a complex, tricky project to complete if attempted without property training and qualifications. If you’re aiming for a neat, tidy, and uniform tile surface area, our team is here with all the skills and services you need to keep your home in top shape. In our comprehensive tile services, we offer our clients an extensive range of beautiful floor tiles to select from, we provide the professional project management and industrial-grade equipment necessary to achieve a flawless tile floor installation that looks exceptional and will withstand the true test of time.

Tile Floor Patterns and Design Ideas

One of the many advantages of selecting tile for your floors at home is the exciting options you have to tailor your tiles to complement your house and personal interior aesthetic preferences. By selecting our contractors, you’ll be treated to beautiful tile designs and pattern suggestions that will look great, stay within your foundation upgrade budget, and will match your rooms at home. We stay up to date with the latest trends in kitchen and bathroom decor to help our clients enjoy a modern and elegant living environment with a tile-floor custom installed by our qualified contractors.


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Professional Tile Removal

As your local professional tiling experts, we have handled all varieties of projects using our industry expertise and high-powered construction equipment. If you’re looking for an efficient and effective way to remove old, broken tiles, we are here to help. From the moment we arrive at your location, you’ll see a team hard at work to quickly and safely remove old tilings, responsibly disposing of them to leave you with a bare floor, the perfect canvas for any of your future home improvement projects.

Wide Range of High-Quality Floor Tiles

In working with our team at North Houston Flooring Pros, your home tiling services will be conducted with our high standards of workmanship and quality. As such, we pride ourselves on offering clients a large selection of home tiles. Including all colors, textures, and styles, our tiling professionals can measure and install the perfect tiles in your home. Don’t wait to get started on your home renovations, allow us to provide you with all the tiling options you need for the tile floor you’ve been dreaming of.


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