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What is the cheapest way to tow a car long distance?

Dec 30


You can explore your destination easily by having a car pull behind your RV. It can be difficult to get your truck or car "toad", especially if your destination is across the country.There are many ways to tow your vehicle behind an RV. These are the safest and most affordable ways of towing a car over long distances.Two main factors will affect the cost of towing a vehicle behind an RV. These two factors will determine the cost of a flat tow vehicle behind your RV.


  1. Additional weight - The vehicle's weight and any trailer or doll that it tows.
  2. The vehicle being towed - The area of tires that contact the road and the distance it follows behind your RV. Let's now look at three common methods to tow your car. Which one is the most cost-effective?

Vehicle Carrier Trailer

A vehicle carrier trailer is a trailer designed to support the vehicle. This trailer is very beneficial for your vehicle because it doesn't wear down the vehicle, but does all the work.You have the option of either an enclosed or open trailer. However, most people prefer the open style. The vehicle is then driven onto the trailer, and the trailer is secured for the ride.


The vehicle will still move slightly on the trailer when it is on rough roads, but the majority of suspension work and tire wear is done by the trailer. However, the cost of keeping your vehicle clean (and with no additional miles) comes at a price. The vehicle carrier trailer is not the most cost-effective way to tow a car over long distances. It may actually be the most costly.


Vehicle carrier savings

Your vehicle's tires, steering, and braking are all in good condition. The suspension is also very stable. A carrier trailer is a great option. Trailers equipped with brakes can help reduce wear on RV brakes.

Cost of a vehicle carrier

Carrier trailers can be expensive! The trailer is yours once you have paid it off, but you will still need to maintain the tires, suspension, and brakes.You can rent vehicle carriers, although they are not as readily available as dolly-style vehicles. These vehicles are typically 20% more expensive than dolly-style units and can be quite costly for long-distance trips.


Additional weight can be towed, which can increase the cost. The average weight of a carrier trailer is 2000 pounds, with some models as heavy as 3000. It can be similar to hauling a small car.Securely attaching a vehicle to a trailer is an important step and should be done with care. Multiple straps and/or chains will need to be purchased and maintained.

Tow Dolly

Tow dolly costs less, is easier to maintain, and requires less work than full-size cars. It's basically a trailer that can be attached to the front wheels of a vehicle.Tow dollies can be used for small front-wheel drive vehicles. They are not designed for heavier or larger vehicles.


Cheap towing services generally won't allow rear-wheel drive vehicles to be towed. However, it is easier and more difficult.It is also difficult to rent a vehicle with front-wheel or four-wheel drive. There are several ways to tow your dolly if you have it. You should take care and follow the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations.