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What are the methods of towing?

Dec 30


There are many reasons you might need to tow your car. One of the main reasons to tow a vehicle is an emergency. A tow company such as cheap towing services will be your best choice. A car may be towable behind an RV or other vehicle solely for transport. We'll discuss 5 ways to safely tow your vehicle in various situations.

Towing vehicle regulations and minimum standards

While car towing regulations can be different in every state, the basic principles are the same. Your vehicle must meet certain minimum standards to ensure you are towing safely.


To be towable, both vehicles must be stopped by the braking system of the lead vehicle. Installing an aftermarket performance brake system is an option if this is a problem.To ensure safety, the lead vehicle should be at least 750 pounds heavier than the vehicle being towed. This is because physics prevents a lighter vehicle from causing a heavier vehicle to move from a dead standstill.

Towing for recreation

Many RV owners choose to tow their daily vehicles behind their RV. This towing option is available in a variety of ways.

1.Tow Dolly

Tow dolly hooks to your RV or truck with a standard trailer hitch. The front wheels of your vehicle are lifted onto the trailer. Once they are secured to the trailer's bed, you can drive them up the hill. The back wheels spin freely like a normal trailer with a second set.


Before you can use this method to tow your car, make sure it is either front-wheel driven or put in neutral. Your car must be in neutral or rear-wheel drive before it can be towable. The wheels will then be connected to your driveline and cannot rotate freely.

2.Flatbed Trailer

For cars with rear-wheel drives, or older vehicles that cannot handle the free spin of towing, flatbed trailers can be a great option. This option is popular for people who are transporting collectible cars to events or other non-standard vehicles. The wheels are secured to the trailer's bed using a strap and winch.

3.Four-Wheels Down

In recent years, this method has been more popular. The semi-permanent trailer tongue attaches to the bumper of the towed vehicle. This turns the vehicle into a trailer. To allow the vehicle to spin freely, it is important that the vehicle is in neutral.

Optional Towing

Towing options vary depending on whether your car is broken down or if you are stuck off-road. Each tow method serves a specific purpose and should be used only in these situations.

1.Tow Strap and Tow Chain

This is the most dangerous option and should not be used to move your car over long distances. Although this is an option to pull your car out of a ditch or move it over short distances on private property, it is not allowed on the open road in most jurisdictions.


Tow straps are strong, polyester webbing that can withstand heavy loads without breaking. For visibility, it is usually made of bright yellow or orange material. It is unsafe to use if your tow strap becomes frayed. A tow strap that breaks under pressure can whip back and cause serious injury to anyone who is near it.


Find the car's recovery point to use a tow rope. An older car may have a hole in its bumper that has been labeled and drilled under the plastic sheathing. Some vehicles have a plastic bumper cover that must be replaced with a threaded eye bolt.The user manual will show you where the tow point is located. Attach the tow rope to both vehicles and start pulling the car stuck with the lead vehicle.

Tow Dolly, Flatbed Trailer

A tow truck or flatbed trailer are options for transporting your car. If the car can move independently, these options may not be possible. These options may not be possible if the car is in an accident or if it has been seized.


Flatbed trailers are great for transporting multiple vehicles. If you have more than one vehicle to transport. Many families opt to transport their car using a flatbed with furniture, behind a moving truck, or in similar situations.You'll need to be familiar with safety straps once your car is mounted on the trailer or dolly.

1.Tow Services

Towing services are available for emergencies when you don’t have the resources or knowledge required to solve the problem yourself. Many tow companies are available to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are trained to safely recover, load, and transport your vehicle.


Basic repairs can be done by many towing professionals such as towing. They have the skills and tools to open your door, change your tires, jump the battery and replace it if the jump box is not working. In case of an accident, keep an additional copy of your insurance information so that the driver of the tow truck can bill you for the services.