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Common Misconceptions About Cowhide Rugs

Nov 20

There are many misconceptions about cowhide rugs. Some people believe that they are made from the skin of cows, but this is not the case. Cowhide rugs are actually made from the hide of cattle, which is a much thicker and tougher material. Another common misconception is that cowhide rugs are only available in brown or black. However, these rugs come in a variety of colors, including white, cream, and even pink.

Cowhide rugs are chemically dangerous

The tanning process used to make cowhide rugs is becoming increasingly popular among consumers looking for high quality products. Many people believe that cowhide rugs contain harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and phenol, however, these chemicals are found in many different types of furniture. In fact, cowhide rugs are completely safe because they don’t contain any toxic substances whatsoever.

In addition, cowhide rugs undergo a washing process during production to avoid any residue left behind. The chemicals used in the tanning process are washed away naturally and there are no traces of them left behind.

Cowhide smells bad

Most people know that cowhide is used to make good quality leather products such as shoes, handbags, jackets, and wallets. But did you know that cowhide is actually very similar to real leather? In fact, cowhide is just one step away from being real leather. And while there are some differences, most of the time, cowhide is indistinguishable from real leather.

So why do we call cowhide "cowhide"? Well, because it comes from cows. You see, cows eat grass and bugs, and those things give off a gas called methane. When cows poop, they release this methane into the air. This is where the term "methane emissions" comes from.

Now, let's talk about how cowhide gets tanned. Tanning involves treating animal hides with chemicals to change the color and texture of the hide. Most tanning processes involve soaking the hide in vats of chemical baths. These chemicals break down the proteins in the skin, making it softer and creating a darker color. After this process, the hide goes through a drying stage to prevent bacteria growth and molding. Finally, the final product is scraped off the sides of the bath and trimmed.

Cowhide rugs ruin easily

Many believe that cowhide rags are a short-term purchase that is easily ruined. A quick glance at Instagram reveals hundreds of images showing how quickly a cowhide rug can become stained, dirty, or even torn. But it doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, cowhide rugs are incredibly durable and can withstand general use and wear and tear. This makes them great investments that can be used for many years to come.

A high-quality hide will maintain its shape over time and remain an impressive statement piece in your home. If you do spill something on your rug, the natural oils in cowhide make cleaning easy. Simply wipe away the mess and let it dry naturally. You won’t find yourself having to replace your rug for years to come. And don’t worry about stains – the oils in the hide prevent them from setting in.

Cows are killed specifically for their hides

Cows are slaughtered specifically for their hides. They are not raised and slaughtered for their milk or for beef. This is important because it ensures that the cowhide used in your home was not taken from one who was raised and killed solely for their hide.

The majority of cowhide rugs sold today are taken from animals who were raised for their milk. Milk production is very low on factory farms and there simply isn’t enough demand for milk to keep up with the number of cows being produced. Factory farms produce far too many cows to make a profit off of the milk alone. So the farmers turn to raise cattle for their meat.

While this might not sound much different to someone who is a vegan, the average person can sleep well knowing that the cowhide they are using in their living room was not taken from a farm where the farmer raises and kills cows solely for their hide. Instead, the cowhide was taken from a farm where cows are raised for both their milk and their meat.


It is important to remember that cowhide rugs are a natural product. They are not perfect, but they are unique and beautiful. They will last for many years if they are cared for properly. Cowhide rugs are an excellent choice for any home.