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Looking For Window Tinting Services Like A Pro

Apr 18

Window tinting is a great way to improve the look of your car as well as protect your interior from sun damage. It can seem daunting to apply window tint if you've never done it before.

But, with the right equipment and the correct instructions You can accomplish it yourself! This article will help you learn how to apply window tint just like an expert. We'll provide step-by-step instructions and tips to assist you in your endeavor. What are you waiting for to do?

What exactly is Window Tinting?

Window tinting refers to the act of applying a thin layer to the glass of your car windows. The film helps minimize reflection, block UV rays and enhance the appearance of your vehicle.

There are numerous kinds of window tint available in the market, therefore it is essential to pick one that is right for you. After you've selected the perfect window tint Follow these guidelines to apply it as a professional!

Steps To Apply Window Tint

Step One: Clean The Glass Surface

Clean the glass first in order to make sure that you can get a good window tinting job. This will ensure that the tint stays well and lasts long.

To clean dust, dirt or other debris off your windows, use a glass cleaner and an lint-free cloth. Make sure to wash all areas, including corners.

Step 2: Measure The Window

Next, you need to measure the windows. This will help you determine how much tint you need to purchase.

Measure the window using the tape measure. When you have these measurements, multiply them to find the total area.

For example, if your window measures 12 inches wide and 18 inches high, your total square footage would be 221 square inches.

Step 3 Cut the Tint Film

It's now time to cut your tint film. Cut pieces are already cut in most kits. But, you may have to cut the film to fit in your window.

To do this, lay the tinted film on the glass surface. Use a razor blade or utility knife to trim off any excess. To avoid mistakes, ensure you maintain your distance and cut carefully.

Fourth Step: Remove the Liner

Once you have the tinted film cut into the desired size then it's time to take off the liner. This is a thin plastic sheet that covers the adhesive side.

Peel the film off from one side to take it. Be cautious not to rub the film with your hands, because this could leave marks and cause bubbling.

Fifth Step Spray the Glass with Soap Solution

Next, apply the soap solution. This will allow the tint film to adhere to the glass surface and prevent bubbles.

The entire glass surface should be covered with the solution, then use a squeegee or scraper to clear the glass of excess.

Step Six: Apply the Tint Film To The Glass

Now is the time to apply the tinted film onto the glass. Starting with one corner, slowly remove the liner and apply the film's sticky side onto the glass.

Smooth any bubbles using the help of a squeegee. Once the entire piece of film has been put in place, trim off any excess using a razor blade or utility knife.

7th Step: Take off the outer layer of Tint Film

The final step is to eliminate the layer that is the outermost layer of the tinted film. This is done by removing it from one side or using a razor blade to carefully cut it off.

This is it! Now you're a pro at applying window tint.


Window tinting is easy to do if you're doing it correctly. Follow the steps in this blog post to achieve perfect tinted windows.

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